6. Gucci denim jacket – $5,200

Most of us have owned a denim jacket, and we all know that the coolest are decked out in details. Gucci has been known for pulling from the alternative-fashion world, and its embroidered denim jacket is living proof. Since we can’t quite justify shelling out $5,000, for an alt-beauty staple, we’ll stick to DIY-ing our jackets with pins and patches from our favorite bands and brands for now.

7. Rag & Bone leather pant – $1,195

No matter how it’s worn, alt icons have made leather a wardrobe must-have. Rag & Bone prove that leather pants are seriously cool, even if the price tag is a little out of reach.

8. Burberry camo trousers – $690

When it comes to styling our favorite moto boots, it’s fun to break out of the black skinny jean mold and go for a style, such as camo, that’s a little more daring. So it comes as no surprise that Burberry’s camo trousers are match made in heaven for your classic Docs.

9. MadeWorn “Metallica” distressed cotton T-shirt – $175

Nothing is simpler to style than a basic tee: Throw on your go-to jacket, a pair of skinnies, your favorite boots and you’re set. MadeWorn is bringing the metal with a style that’s devilishly cool and a cost that’s higher than our average band tee.

10. John Hardy classic chain link necklace – $1,195

From wallet chains to jewelry, chunky silver accessories have been an alt staple for decades. As evident by the price tag, jewelry designer John Hardy has mastered the art of the silver chain.