Porcelain is not only the goth drag queen of our dreams, but she is also an incredible tattoo artist and performer. Her performances themselves push boundaries and feature her swallowing fire and suspending off intricate sets.


This queen may have gained popularity when she appeared on Season 2 of Dragula, but it wasn’t her first time in the spotlight as she is a former member of Blood On The Dance Floor. Her style is totally dark and twisted, and she is able to do incredible things to her face with makeup, sometimes even featuring prosthetics like a pig snout.

Laila McQueen

McQueen, who appeared on Season 8 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, is a punk-rock beauty queen. Her style is the perfect blend of goth and glamour, and we can’t get enough of her.

Victoria Elizabeth Black

This queen knows how to rock prosthetics and special effects makeup. She showed off her haunting style, which often pays homage to the Victorian-era, throughout Season 2 of Dragula and hasn’t stopped since. She is a pro of making ugly things, such as death and decay, beautiful and impossible to look away from.


The final queen on this list who was also on Dragula Season 2 is known for her signature pointed nose. She creates looks that appear to come straight from the place nightmares are made of and is able to transform herself in ways that seem impossible.