[Photo by: SumerianRecords/YouTube]

American Satan fans, it's time to get a peek behind-the-scenes and hear more about the flick—and just how similar the tale it is to real life rockstar-dom. Sumerian Records founder and American Satan writer/director Ash Avildsen sat down with original Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler and actor/musician BooBoo Stewart, who plays Vic Lakota in the movie, to talk music, the movie and rock 'n' roll history

“One day you're on top of the world, and the next day you're a nobody,” Adler says on the music industry. “The movie, American Satan, is the closest thing I've ever seen to actual reality.”

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Listen to their conversation in the first “MOM, IT'S NOT DEVIL MUSIC” below:

Not to mention, the movie soundtrack is officially here. It features the likes of Prep SchoolCirca SurviveAsking AlexandriaParkway DriveSleeping With Sirens and more, and it's available for purchase here.

The rock music-themed movie stars Andy Black, Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria and Drake Bell (yes, the one from Drake & Josh).

Other notable cast members include John Bradley (Game of Thrones), Mark Boone Jr. (Sons of Anarchy), Denise Richards, Bill Goldberg (WWE Raw), Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange) and more.

The movie revolves around a band called the Relentless, featuring Black and Bruce—and vocals from Palaye Royale's Remington Leith—and they're portrayed as a group who “drop out of college and move to the Sunset Strip to chase their dreams.”

But really, did we have to tell you any of this? If you want to give it a watch from the comfort of your own home, you can pick it up on DVD, iTunes, Amazon or Google Play here.