andy black the ghost of ohio video
Still from “The Ghost Of Ohio’ music video. [Photo via YouTube]

Andy Black released his second full-length album today, The Ghost Of Ohio, and his accompanying graphic novel of the same name is set to drop next week.

However, this isn’t the first time the vocalist has repped his home state. Whether it’s supporting his favorite sports teams or visiting a children’s hospital in Cincinnati, Black is always proud show where his roots are.

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Take a look at 11 times Black has shown his love for Ohio below.

1. Black’s latest record is called The Ghost Of Ohio.

The Ghost Of Ohio tells the tale of someone who died young, whose spirit inhabits an area for 100 years looking for ways to connect while feeling forgotten. Upon its release, the album debuted at No. 1 on the iTunes Rock Album Chart.

2. His Ghost Of Ohio graphic novel is inspired by his home state.
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As a child I was terrified of many things. It was never specific or morbid but rather an overarching fear that SOMETHING was lurking around the corner or that the things I couldn’t control would manifest into something dark and evil and could hurt me. I developed defense mechanisms that were often compulsive tendencies meant to ward off the “ghost” in my mind. As I got older I strayed from those emotional responses and developed a sort of mask to wear with destructive behavior, drinking and surrounding myself with ways to distract from the “ghost” that I knew deep down I still feared. When I decided to make the change in my life to get back to who I truly wanted to be and in attempt to rediscover myself I found that those child like fears came rushing back and it inspired me to write the material for “The Shadow Side” record. In the 2 years since the release of that album I started thinking more about this fear and how I could utilize the reintroduction to an old friend of sorts in a way that would paint the picture of someone who feels these same emotions but is stuck in time. The titular character in this story is lonely and strange but hopeful and strong, a balance that I believe is present in so many of us. “The Ghost of Ohio” is both the name of my upcoming solo album and a comic book concept and today I am thrilled to share with you the cover of my first graphic novel drawn by Eryk Donovan. I can’t even begin to describe to you how excited I am to get to work with writer Scott Tuft and everyone at @z2comics to bring this story to life. I will share more about the comic, the record and everything that’s happening with “The Ghost of Ohio” very soon but for now you can head to the link in my bio to read more about the story and release information! Thank YOU for allowing me to have the opportunity to continue to follow my passion and dreams, I know how fortunate I am and without your support I wouldn’t be able to do any of this! 🆎🖤 #iamtheghost

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The book centers on a folklore from 100 years of history and Black’s own personal experiences. You can read more about the inspiration behind The Ghost Of Ohio here.

3. He has a state of Ohio tattoo.

Black has the outline of Ohio surrounding a pentagram on his left forearm, near his elbow.

4. He’s constantly repping Reds gear.

He’s posted many photos of himself on Instagram wearing the red-and-white jerseys.

5. Bengals games are a family affair.

Black is a big fan of football as he can regularly be seen supporting his hometown sports team, the Cincinnati Bengals.

6. He hosted the Pre-Pre-Game show before a Bengals game

Last September, Black hosted the WEBN’s Bengals Pre-Pre-Game where he talked football and growing up in Cincinnati.