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12 anti-Valentine’s Day products to buy if you’re dead inside

It’s arguably the worst holiday.

February 12, 2019
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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, but for people like us who would much prefer a second Halloween, it’s the lamest day of the year. Not to say everyone hates Valentine’s Day, but all the lovey-dovey stuff can be a bit much sometimes.

Anti-Valentine’s Day is more our style—sarcastic, dark and definitely way less cheesy. We’ve compiled a list of 12 things you need to buy if you are a V-Day hater to do everything in your power to not celebrate love Feb. 14. Happy holidays!

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1. “I will cut you” shirt – $21
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Let people know that they shouldn’t even try to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day by wearing this shirt all week.

2. “Fuck Valentines” banner – $28
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This Etsy account makes customizable banners so you can throw the best anti-Valentine’s Day party ever filled with horror movies, snacks and definitely no significant others.  

3. “You make me puke” pin – $10
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Honestly just rock this pin year-round because it basically sums up our feelings about people in general.

4. Insult hearts cookie cutters – $5.99
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Celebrate Feb. 14 by making these sarcastic insult cookies to pass out to everyone you know who’s guilty for succumbing to way too much PDA.

5. Anti-Valentine’s Day nail stickers – $4.25
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Get yourself in the spirit by giving yourself a manicure with these stickers, which include broken hearts and “meh” lettering. Self-care is important.

6. “Nope” ring – $17-$22
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Everyone loves jewelry on Valentine’s Day, and this ring gets the point across. Get your BFF one too while you’re at it for an easy and personal V-Day gift.


Written by Alex Darus