7. “I heart me” temp tattoo – $3.52
anti valentines day 007
[Photo via https://www.etsy.com/shop/encredelicate]

Go all out and show people who your Valentine really is—yourself and absolutely nobody else. We might consider getting this tatted on us permanently, tbh.

8. “I hate you” bracelets – $6.90
anti valentines day gift 008
[Photo via hottopic.com]

You and your significant other or best friend need these. It shows that you care about someone, but you will always be dead inside.

9. Broken-heart bath bomb – $7
anti valentines day gift 009
[Photo via juventasproducts.com]

Enjoy some me time on Friday by taking a bath with this festive broken-heart bath bomb. It’ll be totally moody and extra, which is a perfect way to celebrate.

10. Black roses – 84 for $20.78
anti valentines day gift 010
[Photo via walmart.com]

Cover your room with these black roses, or gift some to everyone you know because who even likes the red ones anyway?

11. Love Still Sucks: A 2019 Anti-Valentine’s Day Anthology – $0.99 Kindle, $12.99 paperback
anti valentines day gift 011
[Photo via amazon.com]

Cuddle up with a good book such as this one on Valentine’s Day, and bask in all its angsty goodness.

12. “I tolerate you” shirt – $18.32
anti valentines day gift 012
[Photo via hottopic.com]

Honestly, this is a high compliment coming from people who hate love, so your friends should be honored if you wear this shirt around them.  

Do you hate Valentine’s Day? Sound off in the comments!

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