After you cast nearly 8,000 votes in the 2013 Readers Poll, the results are finally in! Check back here every day starting at noon the week of December 23 as the APTV Correspondents and yours truly share the winners!

You can browse results via the index below, or build suspense by navigating them one-by-one starting at the beginning!

Monday, December 23
Best APTV Video
Best AP Cover
Artist Who Should Have Gotten An AP Cover
Best AP&R Band
Best Print Article
Best Movie
Best Web Article

Tuesday, December 24
Most Underrated/Overrated Artists
AP Style (Best merch, Musician With The Best Style, Clothing Line etc.)
Best TV Show
Band That Should Reunite 2014
Best Live Band
Best Tour/Festival

Wednesday, December 25
Best Tattoos
Best Photographer
Best Beard
Best Twitter
Best Music Video

Thursday, December 26
Single Of The Year
Album Of The Year
Vinyl Release Of The Year
Best Album Art
Best Music Blog
Best Instagram

Friday, December 27 (links will activate circa 12 p.m. EST)
Artist Of The Year
Most Dedicated Fans
Vocalist Of The Year
Drummer Of The Year
Guitarist Of The Year
Bassist Of The Year
Keyboardist Of The Year