Can't make it to Austin, Texas, for this year's massive South By Southwest Music Festival? (The barbeque didn't even tempt you?) No worries. Managing editor Rachel Lux and music editor Scott Heisel are in the middle of everything and they'll be posting exclusive video of performances and behind-the-scenes footage you can't see anywhere else.

Rockaholic Meet & Greet: Every Avenue

Rockaholic Meet & Greet: Hey Monday

Rockaholic Meet & Greet: The Summer Set

PHOTOS: Chris Martin

PHOTOS: Dan Boczarski

PHOTOS: Chris Martin

PHOTOS: Dan Boczarski



GUEST BLOG: SUM 41 drummer Stevo Jocz
DAY 2 – I don't know why, but for some reason, I thought this was the best way to start off the day yesterday:

I am truly terrified to see how it comes out the other end.

After that calorie bomb, Cone [Jason McCaslin, bass] and I hit the hotel gym to try and clear up any clogged arteries. I'm listening to Metallica and I can only imagine that Cone is rocking out to the new Justin Bieber record. I hear it's awesome.

Deryck [Whibley, vocals/guitar] and I went out and did some interviews after. The first one was with Delta Airlines. They were really cool, but charged us for drinks and wouldn't give Deryck a pillow (the one with the “D” in the background as per Airline policy). I don't know what I'm saying in that photo, but I'm sure it was profound shit.

The next interview was with Best Buy, and it was pretty awesome because they gave us Vodka (which I'm sure has something to do with why this blog is a day late).

Afterwards, we hit 6th Street and I got my first taste of SXSW. I got to meet the devil. I love his work.

Don't mess with… Canada? (That doesn't really have the same ring to it.)

We even got to help GWAR promote their show.

The show we played at Maggie Mae's was badass. I don't have any pictures because I was busy rockin'. But if Metallica, Iron Maiden and AC/DC had a baby, it would be about as wicked as our performance last night.




GUEST BLOG: SUM 41 drummer Stevo Jocz

“We're very excited to be here for SXSW! This is our first time playing and we're looking forward to getting drunk and stumbling around the streets of this fine capitol city. An inebriated friend of ours has already fallen down and sprained her right boob, so it sounds like the festival is off to a great start.

Friday we're playing at Maggie Mae's around midnight. We just got back to the hotel from rehearsing at the Music Lab here in Austin. I didn't really focus on practicing any songs but spent most of the time working on kickass “rock faces” for tomorrow's show. This one is sure to create a hurricane of brassieres raining down onto the stage: