This weekend marks the long-awaited return of the Skate And Surf Festival, a two-day event taking place at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, featuring the best and brightest of our scene. Now, it's been a number of years since S&S has been a part of our spring (sure, we had the Bamboozle from 2005 to 2012, but nothing beats Skate And Surf), so to get you ready for it, we've provided this survival guide full of essential tips to make sure you have the best weekend you possibly can.

CARPOOL — there will be plenty of parking at Six Flags, but they're gonna charge you for every spot you take up, so find a few friends and save that money for merch.

SHOW UP EARLY — not just to guarantee you will see every band you want to see, but to make sure you take full advantage of your ticket letting you into Six Flags for free. Roller coaster rides, what what!

Gamechanger World | Alternative Press
the return of Skate And Surf also marks the beginning of GameChanger World, an interactive video gaming area where you can bro down with some of your favorite bands (and maybe beat their high scores, too). So if the sun's getting to you or you have no desire to watch that metalcore band your friend is raving about, slip away and mash some buttons with some rock stars.

Alternative Press signings. We Came As Romans, August Burns Red, Of Mice & Men | Alternative Press
If you know us, you know we always set up the best in artist autograph signings at every festival we go to—and as always, every signing is 100 percent free. Check out our schedule* below to meet your idols! 

Escape The Fate –  2:00-2:45
Mayday Parade – 3:00-3:45
Transit – 4:00-4:45
Of Mice & Men – 6:15-7:00

A Day To Remember – 4:15-5:30
Cartel – 3:00-4:00
Saves The Day – 5:45-6:45

*note: Times subject to change without warning

Additionally, if you're feeling like your Skate And Surf outfit is particularly fierce, stop by the AP Tent to get your photo taken for our Skate And Surf Fashion photo recap that will be right here on after the weekend's over. See if your unique style made the cut!

iPhone wrist strap | Alternative Press

sunscreen, earplugs, spending money, a Sharpie or pen, your camera, an extra cell phone battery and a cooler full of food and drinks (you can't bring the cooler inside, but you can leave it in your car and you will be allowed to exit and re-enter as many times as you like as long as you get your hand stamped)

Have fun, and we will see you in the pit!

If you're not going to Skate And Surf, don't fret: Follow @AltPress on Instagram for exclusive behind-the-scenes photos all weekend long, and make sure to come back to on Monday for our full recap of the event.