McCafferty (rock/punk)

Local to AP’s hometown of Cleveland, McCafferty have been kicking ass in our local scene and nationwide. With a sound reminiscent of the Front Bottoms but with a punk twist, McCafferty will make you dance around. As 2018 brings new music for McCafferty and an opening slot on Moose Blood’s spring headliner, we expect big things for this band. —Shelbey Surgent

Jetty Bones (rock)

In our crazy world, we can always use more women like Kelc Galluzzo, the powerhouse behind Jetty Bones. With lyrics such as “I worked so hard to get here” and “I don't need a lover 'cause I don't need anyone,” Galluzzo sings about self-improvement and a better life. Her live performance will blow you away, along with her genuine kindness while meeting fans. Make sure to arrive early to check them out on Knuckle Puck’s U.S. tour this spring. —Shelbey Surgent

Sincere Engineer (punk-emo)

The jangling chords and untamed vocals of Deanna Belos give a voice to a new disenfranchised generation who are just as confused and sad as the rest of us. Belos writes the kind of songs that remind you why you fell in love with melody and the raw power it can possess. Sincere Engineer is waiting for you to fall in, and out, of love with her. —Steven Loftin

Thousand Below (post hardcore)

With lyrical elements touching on everything from loss to life, it's clear Rise Records’ Thousand Below have perfected potent lyricism in a hypnotizing post-hardcore package. After unleashing their debut full-length, The Love You Let Too Close, last October, the California act wrapped up their 2017 on tour with the Devil Wears Prada, Veil Of Maya and Silent Planet. We're thinking 2018 is set to be their year—and you'll want to have them on your radar ASAP. —Maggie Dickman

Tennis System (indie rock)

LA-based chill rock act Tennis System are bound to take over the indie world. Fronted by Matty Taylor, the three-piece band released their last album, Technicolour Blind, in 2014, filled with mellow guitar chords and undeniably catchy lyrics. The band are wrapping up 2017 on tour with Hundredth. Stay tuned for more—this is a band you definitely won’t want to miss. —Sara Deweese

Save Face (“future rock”)

If you’re looking for something that’s teeming with emotion and feels like you’re packed in a sweaty house show, then New Jersey punk rockers Save Face are the band you want (and need) to add to your playlist ASAP. The band’s 2016 EP, Folly, boasts undeniably catchy hooks and emotionally-laden lyrics, all melded together with Tyler Povanda’s enamoring vocals that are just as epic served live. After releasing their stripped-down Folly: On The Rocks EP, it’s clear that the band’s versatility and ever-effervescent deliveries are by no means slowing down anytime soon. We’re ready for more music, more shows and more rock from one of New Jersey’s most exciting up-and-coming acts. —Maggie Dickman