You’ve listened to their albums and shelled out for a concert tee, but do you ever think about your favorite artists walking their kid to the bus stop or attending a parent teacher conference?  While musicians tout a certain rough-edged persona onstage, some other, often much tinier people in their lives view them in a very different light. Take a sneak peak into another part of some of these band member’s identities as they share their Father’s Day experiences!  

Tommy Rogers, Between The Buried And Me

“There is nothing on this planet that teaches you about yourself more than being a father. It’s an experience that can never be described until experienced. Father’s Day is extremely important to me because it reminds me of how lucky I am to be able to share my life with my growing young boy. I hope he knows how important he is to me and hopefully all the other dads out there show the love to their children they deserve. Happy Father’s Day to the real fathers out there!”


Vinnie Fiorello, Less Than Jake 

“Father's Day rings truer now than it ever has—being a dad to a three-year-old, taking pride in even the smallest things and to be able get into her head on seeing the world for the first time. It makes me remember back to all the first things my dad saw me do and the things I wish he saw me achieve. Happy Father's Day to all the dads being there and being in love with your child's world as much as they are.” 


Joey Vera, Armored Saint

“Having become a father nine years ago, I’ve reveled in the day honoring our fathers—particularly me! Every Father’s Day, I can look forward to a handmade piece of art beautifully and carefully crafted by my daughter, and then comes breakfast! My wife and I are foodies, and the kid has been paying attention. The plate will be beautifully decorated with edible flowers and herbs from our garden. The toast? Intentionally slightly burnt because daddy’s favorite color is black. Presentation is everything.”


John Bush, Armored Saint
“Father’s Day normally revolves around a family softball game put on by my wife’s family. It’s always a blast and unfortunately I won’t be attending this year because I will be at the Hell Fest festival in France. I will be missing my kids a lot! Hopefully they get some hits for me.”


Luke Pabich, Good Riddance
“Father's Day is that time of the year when I can anticipate a new pair of comfortable slippers, the opportunity to take a nap, a trip to the beach and a nice dinner with the wife and kids. What more could a dad ask for?”


Mattie Montgomery, For Today

“Father's Day means a lot to me now. I grew up without a dad, so my whole life, Father's Day was just another reminder of what I had lost. But, now that I have two little boys of my own, it's really cool for me to have a day to celebrate the fact that (even though I didn't have a father growing up) I now get the opportunity to give my kids a better life than I had!  And I'm so grateful for that.”


Joe Reo, Hidden In Plain View

“Being a dad is by far my greatest accomplishment and by far the hardest thing I’ve done. Father’s Day in my household it is quite unique; you see, my wife and son share a birthday on June 18, which is always near or on Father’s Day. So on that Saturday my wife, daughter, son and I have a big party with friends and family and spend that Sunday enjoying each other. It’s the best Father’s Day I could ask for.”