Who decided the concept for the music video? It was cool that young kids were used, instead of teenagers.
The concept was mine because I wanted to play on the idea of concentration camps without having to—what feels like a concentration camp without having to have a video of the Holocaust? I was like, “When you’re at summer camp and you want to sneak away and make out with your girlfriend when you’re, like, 13.” And that was the first thing that came to mind. So, I thought it would be funny to have the counselors be these scary, Stormtrooper-type characters. It’s like another kind of camp. [Laughs.] It’s just a song about first love and innocence and defying the rules in the face of love. So, I felt like that was a more innocent, subtle way of expressing the same idea.

“Alive With The Glory Of Love” is still such a pivotal song, for a lot of fans. Does that surprise you still?
Part of me is surprised, and then part of me is like—as much pride as I can have in something I write because I’m a very neurotic, self-doubting person—I can still objectively stand back and look at certain songs and see why they connected. It’s not a surprise, sometimes, which ones end up resonating with people. Sometimes after I write them, or as I’m writing them, I’m having these feelings of, “It’s hitting some real core of truth or beauty that I think is really going to resonate.” And then when it happens, usually it’s something I felt was probably going to happen—only in relation, of course, to how big our band is. It’s not like people across America know it and love it. But in whatever tiny ripples we made in society, and, more importantly, to the people that Say Anything mean something to, or the people who that song means something to, I think it did accomplish exactly what I set out for it to accomplish.

Does the girl you wrote “Alive With The Glory Of Love” know the song’s about her?
She does. We kind of were crushing on each other, and I think we even made an attempt when I was single later in life, and we called each other and we were going to hang out and go on a date or something. But then, something came up; it didn’t happen, and then we both forgot about it. She knows, and I think that’s kind of cool. It just goes to show that even meeting someone who you have no future with, where it’s more of a fantasy than anything, just the fantasy of having someone and having it mean something is so important to the human condition, in a time when you’re unfulfilled or going through darkness.

It’s probably better to be the girl “Alive With The Glory Of Love” is about rather than the girl “Spores” is about.
Exactly. I think it’s cool it wasn’t my girlfriend. It was just a girl who I had a fling with that never even came to be. It was just the hope of it, and that almost speaks more to what the song is about. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about your wife or your girlfriend; it’s just about, “Oh, I’m in the most bleak circumstances of all time, yet I’m attracted to this redemptive feeling.” alt