Julie Ciccarelli, winner of our Bamboozle California guest reporter contest, caught up with PIERCE THE VEIL vocalist VIC FUENTES, guitarist TONY PERRY, bassist JAIME PRECIADO and drummer MIKE FUENTES at the festival in Anaheim, California. (You can follow Julie’s journey at the concert here.)

What’s your favorite part about playing festivals like Bamboozle California?
Mike Fuentes: Oh, I thought you were going to say, “What’s your favorite part about playing] the clarinet.
Preciado: I like outdoor festivals because there are bands all over the place.
Vic Fuentes: I like that I can walk around with my shirt off–you know, with oil all over me–and people don’t look at me strange.
Mike Fuentes: I see it more as like a barbeque rather than a fast food stop.

Festivals also bring together eclectic groups of artists. Who are some bands you wouldn’t normally tour with that you’re excited to see play today?
Perry: Definitely AFI.

On the subject of festivals, what you are looking forward to about playing this summer’s Warped Tour?
Vic Fuentes: I’m looking forward to seeing all of our friends on the tour. We keep finding out about more and more bands who are on it–especially a lot of friends who we’ve toured with in the past. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Every time I hear someone else is playing, I know it’s going to be a lot of fun. And our new album will be out.

Does the new album have a release date yet? What should fans expect?
Vic Fuentes: It’s still tentative, but it’ll be right before Warped starts.
Preciado: Fans should expect bloody noses. Is that accurate?
Mike Fuentes: Autotune and techno music! [Laughs.]
Vic Fuentes: Expect a lot of songs to sing along to and that the shows are going to be super fun.
Preciado: It’s going to be a one big party. Why? Because we have to.

Any last thoughts you want to leave with Altpress.com readers?
Mike Fuentes: If anybody knows if anyone at Jack Daniels is looking to sponsor bands, tell them we’re in it to win it. alt