8. Lynn Gunn
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North American Tour rehearsals have finished! Can't wait to see all of you soon. Tickets: PVRIS.com/shows Sept 22 Los Angeles Sept 24 Las Vegas at Life is Beautiful Sept 25 San Diego Sept 26 Phoenix Sept 29 Dallas Sept 30 Austin Oct 1 Houston Oct 3 Tampa Oct 4 Orlando Oct 6 Nashville Oct 7 Charlotte Oct 8 Philadelphia Oct 10 New York City Oct 12 Boston Oct 16 Washington DC Oct 17 Toronto Oct 18 Montreal Oct 20 Detroit Oct 21 Minneapolis Oct 22 Chicago Oct 23 Mexico City Nov 2 Munich Nov 3 Zurich Nov 4 Milan Nov 6 Vienna Nov 7 Prague Nov 8 Berlin Nov 9 Hamburg Nov 11 Copenhagen Nov 12 Stockholm Nov 13 Oslo Nov 15 Cologne Nov 16 Luxembourg Nov 17 Utrecht Nov 18 Paris Nov 19 Antwerp Nov 22 Bristol Nov 23 Birmingham Nov 24 Dublin Nov 25 Belfast Nov 27 Glasgow Nov 28 Manchester Nov 30 London

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PVRIS‘ Lynn Gunn is a dynamic modern rock star, and her look is easy to replicate and will make you feel like a badass. All you need is to wear all black, layer necklaces and pin your hair back in her signature style.

9. Jared Leto

Thirty Seconds To Mars released their iconic music video “The Kill (Bury Me)” in 2006, and Jared Leto’s look is still a good costume that anyone can prep with ease. All you need is a suit jacket or blazer paired with black jeans or dress pants. Straighten your hair, grab some eyeliner and you are ready to wander through a hotel like this band in this The Shining-inspired video.

10. Alex Gaskarth
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Lollapalooza film snap by @thomasfalcone he’s a good lad.

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Have a very All Time Low Halloween by grabbing a bandana, Hawaiian shirt and shades. If you’re feeling fancy, you could grab a jean jacket and a birthday hat to replicate Gaskarth’s look from the band’s latest music video, “Birthday.”

11. Patrick Stump

Thanks for the memories and the solid looks, Patrick Stump. To make his look your costume, all you need is a casual outfit paired with glasses and a hat. He loves fedoras, flat caps, beanies, baseball caps and more.

12. Andrew McMahon

Be comfy and hip for Halloween by grabbing your best cardigan and funky socks out of your closet to dress like the talented singer Andrew McMahon.

13. Dallon Weekes

I Don’t Know How But They Found Me’s frontman Dallon Weekes’ style is easy to make into a costume, and it will make you stand out. All you need is a bright or floral patterned shirt or jacket paired with skinny jeans. You can use eyeliner to create his signature cheek dots he wears onstage.

14. Brendon Urie

Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie has the fashion inspiration to make you a hit at your next Halloween party. All you need is a black shirt, a black leather jacket, slicked back hair and an angelic voice. OK, maybe you don’t need that last part.