Band Reunion I'd Most Like To See in 2012

Despite the fact that they never broke up–and vocalist Patrick Stump even tweeted recently that if they “ever [did] another [record], it won't be a reunion record” because “reunion records almost always suck”–an overwhelming majority of readers voted FALL OUT BOY as the band reunion they'd most like to see in 2012. Why?

“Because it's Fall Out Boy.” – Clare Hole, Pepper Pike, OH

“I love them, and I would love to see them perform together!” – Becca Onimus, Turnersville, NJ

“THNKS FR TH MMRS.” – Ashlyn Fitch, Scandia, MN

“They are such a great band lyrically, vocally and musically in general.” – Tayler Campos, Oak Creek, WI

“I miss them so much. All parts to their songs are genius. They're lyrical masterminds.” – Paige Lambie, Driffield, UK


The Academy Is…

“They were one of the first bands I got into and saw live and can't imagine not hearing them together as a band again.” – Caitlin Clausen, Pleasant Hill, CA

“it was an untimely death and they never really had a final hurrah.” – Leah Trojan, Brooklyn, NY

“Because i'm completely gutted they split.” – Serena Benson, Angus, Ontario, Canada


(Via Myspace/Photo by: Celina Kenyon Photography)

“Because they were amazing–everything about them. Ross Kenyon Joel Piper had the perfect mix and timing to sing.” – Preston George, Boise, ID