Can you name an album off the top of your head that came out in 2008? Let alone what your favorite was?

We put a ton of your favorite bands to the test and asked them just that. And these are the albums they chose.

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BLACK VEIL BRIDES — Andy Biersack, vocalist

“Alkaline Trio’s one and only major label record, Agony & Irony. When we went in to record Set The World On Fire, I had been chasing the sound of Agony & Irony. 'Over And Out' is one of my Top 3 favorite songs, ever.”

DON BROCO — Rob Damiani, vocalist

Antidotes by Foals. I was at university, and I remember it was their real breakthrough album as a band. I think they definitely brought this really fresh, exciting guitar thing to the UK indie scene that no one was doing at the time. I’m a big fan of math-rock stuff, interesting time signatures and stuff that keeps you on your toes a little bit. I love pop music. I love simple songs, too, but I definitely like to be challenged. For me, they had this perfect blend of catchy melodies and guitar parts where you’ll be singing along to the guitar parts. It’s not a riff. They weren’t a heavy band. They’ve gone a lot heavier now; back on that album they weren’t particularly heavy, but the parts were just so catchy. They almost could have been an instrumental band. I think it captured this time because [the television show] Skins had just come out, and I think that they were one the main songs on Skins. It felt like it was part of that wave, when you’re growing up a little bit, discovering more challenging music and, then, the fact that Skins had just come out and [had] all these kids getting drunk and taking drugs. The main single off that, “Cassius” is just pure math-rock/pop gold for me.”

REAL FRIENDS Kyle Fasel, bassist

“Copeland, You Are My Sunshine. They’re one of my favorite bands, and it’s a very unique record. They tried some different approaches on the songs, [and] they’re a little more laid-back. They’re a laid-back band in general, but that record was even more on the laid-back side. But I think that’s a really unique record in the way that it sounds.”

STATE CHAMPS — Tyler Szalkowski, guitarist

“The Maine’s Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.”

MAYDAY PARADEDerek Sanders, vocalist

“I would say my favorite album from 2008 would be Pretty. Odd. by Panic! At The Disco. I think that’s my personal favorite of theirs. I know that album is a lot different from the rest of their catalogue, and I know for a lot of people it might be the album that they weren’t as into maybe, or it doesn’t really sound a whole lot like the rest of Panic! At The Disco, but I thought it was just such a cool vibe. For a band that young on their second album, to branch out that far with a very ‘60s rock, Beatles-influenced feel… Really awesome songs, really cool production and put together really well.”

MOOSE BLOOD — Mark Osborne, guitarist

“City And Colour, Bring Me Your Love. From the first listen, it blew me away and became my soundtrack for that entire year. I still love it now.”


“I went back and looked at what I was listening to because that was the year I graduated high school, so it’s pretty fresh in my mind. There were three records that came out that year that I loved. Forever The Sickest Kids’ Underdog Alma Mater was one of them. I specifically remember driving to Cornerstone Festival and just listening to that on repeat and being like, 'What is this? This is so weird and so cool and catchy.' And I think all of my friends hated it, so that was pretty awesome. I love that record, very nostalgic. Then there’s a record by a band called Edison Glass, called Time Is Fiction. That was a really great record from 2008. And Copeland’s You Are My Sunshine also came out that year, which blew my mind. They’re all pretty different, but I think those are three that definitely still stick with me that I love to this day.”