GRETA VAN FLEET — Josh Kiszka, vocalist

“I do like the Fleet Foxes album that came out [Crack-Up]. I love Fleet Foxes, so that was kind of exciting for me because Fleet Foxes are one of my favorite contemporary bands, if not my favorite.”

DANCE GAVIN DANCE — Will Swan, guitarist

“My favorite record for sure this year was Little Dragon’s Season High. It’s all I listen to right now. It’s got an ’80s feel. Their last record before this was way bigger production, so when I put Season High in for the first time, I was taken aback by how lo-fi it sounded. But it’s totally grown on me, and I love it now.”

BOSTON MANOR — Henry Cox, vocalist

“It’s a three-way tie between Incendiary’s Thousand Mile Stare, Mastodon’s Emperor Of Sand and King Krule’s The OOZ.”

AGAINST THE CURRENT — Chrissy Costanza, vocalist

“Lorde’s record, Melodrama. She inspires me so much as an artist. It’s the way she approaches music in general. I have infinite respect for her, so I want her to have that spot.”

TINY MOVING PARTS — Dylan Mattheisen, guitarist/vocalist

“The Front Bottoms [Going Grey]. I like how they went a little bit different. Some people seem to be shocked about it, but I went to their show in Columbus, [Ohio] a couple weeks ago, and all the new songs went over just as good, if not better, and kids were just going nuts. They’re just a great band.”

PALISADES — Lou Miceli Jr., vocalist

“Right now, one I’m currently jamming a lot is Nothing More’s [The Stories We Tell Ourselves]. It’s really good. That tour has been incredible. They’re such good guys. They treat us awesome, and the music is just incredible. What they’re doing for rock music right now is insane. It’s just on a whole different level. We toured with so many great bands this past year, and [they] have inspired us to mature as artists, especially for this new album. Between ONE OK ROCK and Nothing More, these two bands are incredible; between Taka [Moriuchi] and Jonny [Hawkins], they inspired me to be a better frontman and to be a better writer, a better musician, and I think it’s the same with all the rest of the band.”