NTL brings all the familiarity of pop-punk bands such as New Found Glory and State Champs while adding their own Brazilian flare. In just over two years, the band have upgraded from hometown heroes to a national name, opening for bands like We Outspoken and signing with local label Fusa Records.

Hometown: São Paulo, São Paulo
Check out: “Double Trouble”


Plastic Fire have won over the hearts of hundreds of Brazilian hardcore fans with their energy and, of course, music. They not only want the world to know how much they care about music as an art form, but also want to inspire others to recognize it, be persistent, and not let it die.

Hometown: Madureira, Rio de Janeiro
Check out: “Midas ao Revés”


There is only one word to properly describe PBP’s band image: badass. With their influences ranging from Bad Brains to Chevelle to Metallica, their sound is diverse and ready to make a statement. It has also gained them notoriety around the world playing festivals such as Afropunk Paris last year.

Hometown: Uberaba, Minas Gerais
Check out: “O último homem em pé”


What started out as a side project for members of hardcore punk band Nitrominds blossomed into what we now know as Statues On Fire, who have done a lot during their five years as a band. They’ve released two studio albums, including their latest release, No Tomorrow, last summer, and have even recorded a song for Converse All Stars!

Hometown: Santo André, São Paulo
Check out: “No Tomorrow”


Urbanites pull influence from a number of genres, including alt-rock, Britpop and blues, creating a conglomeration of rock ’n’ roll awesomeness. Their debut EP, Anxious Minds, Vol. 1, was released this year, and by the title alone, we can safely assume there will be a volume two coming soon after.

Hometown: Curitiba, Paraná
Check out: “Pull Me Back In”

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