When Sleeping With Sirens frontman Kellin Quinn showed his house loyalty on Halloween

[Photo by: Pinterest]

While some still don’t know which house the Sorting Hat would pick for them, Quinn has been a Slytherin from the start. He also has a Deathly Hallows tattoo on his arm!

Eric Lambert of blessthefall pays his tributes through shreddage

The blessthefall guys are always showing off their newest additions to their pop culture collections — whether it’s The Lord of the Rings– and Final Fantasy-themed tattoos, Star Wars-inspired music videos (and tattoos), or NHL-themed tours (and tattoos). This time, lead guitarist Eric Lambert rocks out with a Deathly Hallows symbol on his guitar pick.

PVRIS’ drummer has the dream snare for his drum set

Any drummer and HP fan could only dream of this Harry Potter-inspired snare. Justin Nace is one lucky drummer.

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So many Deathly Hallows tattoos

[Photo by: (left to right) Kristen May/ Instagram, Sherri DuPree-Bemis/ Instagram, Yasmine Yousaf/ Instagram]

Frontwomen Kristen May (flyleaf), Sherri DuPree-Bemis (Eisley) and Yasmine Yousaf (Krewella) all sport the signature Deathly Hallows symbol proudly—and permanently—by declaring their love for the mischievous wizard with tattoos. The symbol represents the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone and the Cloak of Invisibility, told by Emma Watson’s Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One. May and Yousaf take it one step further by also grabbing merch and donning a costume.

The internet is always up for a little bit of photoshopping

[Photo by: Pinterest]

Even the people of Pinterest can’t resist the Potter fandom, creating their own OTP house choices with their favorite lyrics from Panic! At the Disco’s “Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off.”

Harry Potter even inspired its own type of music

Dubbed “wizard rock,” fans of the Harry Potter series brought together their love of literature and music by forming their own bands and creating a whole new space for the stories to live on. After seeing Harry and the Potters in concert, one woman told NPR, “Their music just captures the essence of the books so much better than any sort of other media has been able to do. That's why I love it. It's great.” Many more bands have resulted from the series, like Draco and the Malfoys and the Whomping Willows.