LIMBS are thankful for… UNDEROATH and SAOSIN

“Both Underoath and Saosin have looked out for LIMBS on multiple occasions. In 2016, UØ offered us the opening spot for their sold out, 2,000-cap comeback show. Soon after accepting, Saosin offered us a tour that conflicted with it. UØ literally made us accept the Saosin tour instead. Those groups have definitely influenced our development as a band. We’re so thankful to them both.” Jordan Hunter, guitar

SLEEP ON IT are thankful for… STATE CHAMPS

“We are thankful for the fine fellows in State Champs. They brought us out on the Road To Riot Fest tour this past September. In addition to co-producing our album Overexposed, Derek [DiScanio, vocals] has also designed some merch items for us, as well. The whole band have been very cool and supportive toward us this year, and we are thankful for that.” TJ Horansky, guitar/vocals

LONG TIME are thankful for… CONVERGE

“Boston is undoubtedly a fantastic scene for independent music. It feels built on sweat and tears, from the ground up, without compromise. While it’s hard to pare it down to a single band, there are few that continue to inspire Long Time like Converge. Their work ethic is astounding; accomplishing everything internally, from writing and recording, to artwork and label work, they do it all. And they’ve been at it for over 20 years at this point; still pushing themselves and their art how they see fit.” Thomas John Cadrin, guitar/vocals


“We love passionate, melodic, heavy music that reminds us of our earlier years spent in our local music scene. That’s why we are incredibly thankful for the band Counterparts—we love them!”

COLDFRONT are thankful for… SEAWAY

“We wanna send a sincere thank you to our buds in Seaway. They paved the way for ourselves and several other Canadian pop-punk bands who are now getting a lot of great opportunities thanks to the hard work they put in. Love you, boys!” Michael Kelly, drums

MILK TEETH are thankful for… JOAN JETT

“I’m thankful for Joan Jett. She was one of the earliest pioneers of women both playing the guitar and not having to fit a gender stereotype. She led the way all those years ago, and that allowed women like me to step up and take the torch.” Becky Blomfield, vocals/bass

PALISADES are thankful for… ONE OK ROCK

“Taka [Moriuchi] truly inspired me as a vocalist and a performer. Just watching what he does, and he’s so professional and so flawless about it. He taught me you don’t need to go on stage and always go crazy and hype up the crowd. Sometimes just performing the song in its emotional entirety and just being true to the song is what really connects to people, and that’s what I’ve really taken away from this type of band. I think on this next album we’re gonna push ourselves to delve deeper into that whole emotional spectrum that when people from the show or from the album are gonna listen to it, [they will] be like, ‘Fuck, I feel this in every ounce of my soul. I’ve never connected with something like this.’ That’s all we want to. I’m very thankful that I’ve toured with such great musicians this past year that’s really helped me.” —Lou Miceli Jr., vocals


“Counterparts caught us early on. Took us on our first real tour and gave Knocked Loose the opportunity to play in front of a lot of people. I feel like we owe a lot to them. They took us to Europe for the first time. But on the same hand, Left Behind, we’ve been friends with since our first show. We’ve gotten to grow side by side. The Acacia Strain. Vincent [Bennett] has become one of my really good friends, and he’s constantly somebody that I try to learn from because he has so much experience under his belt. 

“Same with Stick To Your Guns. I became really good friends with the singer of Movements [Patrick Miranda]. I feel like I got really close with him really fast, and that’s always kind of a scary thing, but I think throughout our friendship so far he’s taught me a lot about myself. We have the kind of friendship that’s very mutual: He learns a lot from me; I learn a lot from him. I know that I needed a friend like him. I just didn’t know I needed it. I just really look up to his outlook on things and the way that he handles himself. But to sum all that up, I think that I just try not to take for granted the opportunities that we’re given. We’ve gotten to tour with a lot of bands that we were previously fans of. We’ve become very close with Every Time I Die, which is a band that I’ve looked up to since I was in middle school. Their singer, Keith Buckley, is one of my personal heroes. I refuse to take for granted these opportunities, and I try to use it as a learning curve to really grow as a person through all the friends I’m making while doing this.” —Bryan Garris, vocals


“I don’t [think] it will come to surprise anyone that knows me and the history of the band, really, but Metallica. The reason I wanted to pick up a guitar eventually, the reason I wanted to play in a band and be a rock star, since I was 14 years old. Because of that band, my life is what it is. It’s black and white. If that band didn’t exist, I’d probably wouldn’t be speaking to you right now.” Matthew Tuck,lead vocals/rhythm guitar


“You know what? Architects. From the U.K. They’re great friends of ours, and we’ve known them for a long time. We don’t get to tour with them that much, but I look up to those guys like a lot, and I love their band. I’m a huge fan of it. And you know what, when they lost Tom [Searle], their guitar player and everything, it was just, you know, it was, you felt it. Just because they’re good dudes, and he was such a talented guy. I’m thankful they got to release that last album, Lost Forever // Lost Together. That album was killer, and they deserve it all, man. They just work hard, and they went through a tough time, and I think it’s just more because they’re good people.” —Zach Householder, guitar


“Just the bands that have taken us under their wing the most and really supported us—Asking Alexandria are one of those bands. Parkway Drive are one of those bands.” —Telle Smith, lead vocals

I PREVAIL are thankful for… LINKIN PARK

“Well, Linkin Park are my favorite band, and Hybrid Theory was the album that was a window into a different way of making music for me. There’s so much uncertainty now, and it’s such a sad thing. It’s heartbreaking. But the benefit concert was super-cool. If they do decide to continue on and just keep playing that music—I think they might take the approach that it might be what Chester [Bennington] would’ve wanted. Their songs are so important to people, and their band brought so many people to the rock world that normally wouldn’t have been there. That band is a band I’ll always give major props to.” —Steve Menoian, lead guitar

AVATAR are thankful for… THE BEATLES

“It’s the Beatles and will always be the Beatles. Aside from any band my king’s been in, I think they’re the greatest band ever. I actually just had a discussion about it with Ryan [Van Poederooyen] from Devin Townsend Project the other day, and we talked about how, as much we love metal—and maybe a side effect from being a dedicated metalhead—you don't think all metal is that great all the time. Again, when we talked about Cannibal Corpse, as extreme as they are, as brutal as they are, you listen to songs; they’re songwriters and that quality is always the most important thing no matter what genre you’re moving [toward]. No matter how extreme you try to be or how fast you try to play, it has to be a great song first, and that’s of course something that, more than anything else, came from becoming such a huge Beatles fan at such a young age as I did.” Johannes Michael Gustaf Eckerström, vocals