Founding members Cody Carson and Dan Clermont met in their high school marching band, and soon after Carson’s dream of starting a rock band was realized after joining All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth in singing “Coffee Shop Soundtrack” at a Cleveland show. The band released their third album, Upside Down, last year, doubling their first week sales from their previous album, Duality.
Latest video: “Hypnotized”

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When vocalist Renee Phoenix was looking for a guitarist for her former band the Explicits, she decided to just start an entirely new project. The band released their sophomore album, Freak Machine, in 2016 and their latest music video for “Novocain” reached more than three million views on YouTube.
Latest video: “Novocain”


The New Jersey deathcore band did not waste any time recording more music after the release of their first demo in 2008, putting out a follow-up EP and full-length in a span of three years. Their fourth studio album, The Great Collapse, dropped earlier this year in March, and the band have just wrapped up a North American tour with fellow metal acts Arch Enemy, Trivium and While She Sleeps.
Latest video: “Black Mammoth”


The South Carolina shoegaze act initially formed as a melodic hardcore band in 2008, as heard on their debut album When Will We Surrender. This year, they released their fourth studio album, RARE, and are currently finishing up their headlining tour with opening acts Spotlights, Tennis System and Gleemer.
Latest video: “Shy Vein”


Beginning as Don Loco until guitarist Simon Delaney broke his wrist (hence “Broco”), the members met in high school before deciding to become a band while attending University of Nottingham in 2008. Now, the pop-rock act are gearing up for the release of their third album, Technology, in February 2018, and recently played their biggest show to date to a sold-out crowd at London’s Alexandra Palace.
Latest video: “Technology”


The fact that the band’s name began as a joke referencing the state’s once-highest death rate is equal parts amusing and iconic. The Texas metalcore act scored a record deal with InVogue Records in late 2015, releasing d their fourth album the following year. They expect to head out on a brief southern U.S. tour with opening acts Light The Fire and the Leader The Legend in January 2018.
Latest video: “Dying Light”


Joyce Manor initially formed after vocalist Barry Johnson and guitarist Chase Knobbe spent some time drinking in the Disneyland parking lot. Copping their name from an apartment building by Johnson’s house, they signed with Epitaph Records in 2014 and received a lot of attention for their stance on stage diving. Their latest album, Cody, was released two years later.
Latest video: “Eighteen”


Since the band’s formation in 2008, It Lies Within have toured relentlessly, developing d a solid fan base over the years. Last year, their sophomore album Paramount ranked at No. 7 on the Billboard Heatseekers and No. 11 on the Hard Rock Album Charts. They are currently headlining the Fear No Evil Tour Pt. 2 with their friends in My Heart To Fear.
Latest video: “Trust In Yourself”

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