Ash Costello, New Years Day

The hardest and hottest drive is the Texas to Florida drive—which lasted a week on Warped Tour 2015. This was the time the generator in our bus decided to die a horrible death. So we had no cold fridge, no ice, no water, no shower, no lights and the worst part, no A/C, which turns that thing into an oven on wheels. We had to wait a week to have it fixed, we all slept in our underwear with zip-lock bags of ice taped around our bodies, ’cause the bunks were too hot. That was a memorable and sweaty week, for sure.

Dan Clermont, Set It Off
During Warped 2013, we had never traveled in anything bigger than a van, so we were super-excited to move into a BandWagon. The very first day in, we were pulling up alongside We Came As Romans' bus, who have always looked out for us, and we sideswiped it and took out their rear-view mirror of their brand new slide-out bus with their faces wrapped on it. Not only did we have to cover the cost, but also the stress of getting it repaired in time for them to make the next show.


I caught athlete’s foot from one of the group showers at one point. Only it took me a while to figure out what I had, so I wasn’t able to deal with it for a while, and it was pretty gross. Moral of the story: Always wear flip-flops in the group showers.

Travis Clark, We The Kings

There's always one from every year we tour, but I specifically remember one year that a band from Mexico City had some crazy hot sauce that needed a waiver to be signed before trying or something. Anyway, that went about as bad as you could imagine for everyone who tried it.

Ryan Locke, Seaway
As we were driving out to Indiana to pick up our BandWagon on our first Warped tour, we got a super-sketchy email saying our driver wouldn't be joining us. After a few emails back and forth, we found out that our driver was detained at the airport for an undisclosed reason. We were all under 25 at the time, so none of us could legally drive the wagon. We had eight hours to figure out a new driver or else we wouldn't be able to meet up with the tour. Luckily, our team scrambled to find us a driver last minute and we made it in time to start the tour. Big shout out to Ken The Driver for saving our asses!

Kellin Quinn, Sleeping With Sirens

Having a Fireball machine on our bus was a disaster for the whole band. Ice-cold Fireball is delicious, but super-dangerous—I would/wouldn't recommend it.