The end is nigh for New Jersey's Banquets, who are releasing one more album on Black Numbers this fall (October 9, 2015, to be exact). Recorded at the Barber Shop Studios with Brett Romnes (I Am The Avalanche, Extinction AD), their third and final outing continues their hooky and melodic punk-rock path last heard on 2013's self-titled LP. Although their break up is inevitable, maybe they'll play shows for 2+ years after announcing it (cough, Bane). We can only hope, right? AltPress has the exclusive on “Backwash,” so check out the track and commentary below. 

“'Backwash' is about the hits and misses that go along with balancing multiple facets of life and how they tend to bleed into each other. Juggling responsibility and leisure time sort of becomes a second nature, especially when you are in your thirties, have a full time job, a marriage, kids, and/or bills. The struggle between what you want to do, need to do, and should do becomes greater as time goes on. The song is a focus of all of the things I balance out, while trying to stay alive and sane,” says frontman Travis Omilian.