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[Photo by: Ryan Bakerink]

Concerts are no joke. In today’s day and age, you prepare for concerts literally months before you actually go to them. The stressful experience ultimately fades into bliss, but there’s a lot of preparation to get there.

Regardless of how many steps, we all experience them at some point. So here are the stages we all go through to prepare for when our favorite band go on tour.

1. Speculating about dates before there’s even an announcement

Your favorite artist just released their first single in literally two years. There’s rumors of an album, which probably means a tour. Even though there’s no official announcement of either, you’re already thinking about seeing them live.

2. Mentally planning ahead for presale, tickets and merch

We might not lay out a budget out on paper, but in our heads, the cost of buying tickets and inevitably getting the merch is already on our minds.

3. Preordering the album when the link drops

Preordering through the band’s official site will give you presale perks. Obviously, there’s no other choice except preordering this album right here and now.

4. Finding people to go with you

While it’s perfectly acceptable to rock out by yourself, going to concerts is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you want to share with friends. So you scrounge through your contact list to find the perfect friend (or friends) to go with.

5. Ensuring no distractions when tickets go on sale

It’s important that nothing interrupts buying these tickets. You have one shot to get it right, and usually that shot comes at 10 a.m. EST. Who cares if work or school calls? Tickets are
obviously more important.

6. Refreshing the page when 10 a.m. finally hits

It’s 10 a.m. and the tickets aren’t up yet. So we hit refresh. Once, twice, a thousand times until the tickets pop up—but not once after they show up. Until then, we just keep hitting refresh like our lives depend on it.

7. Taking a moment to breathe

At this stage, you have the tickets, and you’re
definitely going to this show. Congratulations. This is your time to celebrate and maybe even relax a little bit.