8. Spending the next six months daydreaming about the show

You don’t have to lie. It’s the thought of seeing your favorite band live in t-minus six months and 11 days that keeps you going. It’s OK. We feel the same way.

9. Repeatedly looking at your tickets to make sure it’s real

You didn’t hallucinate buying those tickets (and dropping all that money). Seeing your favorite band is an out-of-this-world, surreal experience. So you just keep looking at those tickets to remind yourself that dreams really do come true.

10. Planning with your friends closer to the show

When you buy tickets for a concert that’s six months away, sometimes people forget the urgency of the situation. So in the month or so leading up to the show, you talk to your friends about what you’re going to do on the big day. Maybe you bug them about it a little, or a lot depending on if you’re going to be standing in line for general admission.

11. Setting aside money for merch

You’ve been doing this in your head for months now, but now’s the time to make it concrete. Meanwhile, your head and your heart argue over what’s a reasonable amount to spend on merch. Putting aside a couple hundred is reasonable, right?

12. Making sure your outfit is functional but fabulous

Of course you’ve got to look your best. Above all else, you need to make sure that you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing. Finding that perfect combination of comfort and style will determine how the rest of this experience goes, so we have no choice but to spend hours and get it right the first time.

13. Spending the full 24 hours before the show listening to their “Best Of” playlist on Spotify

Now is when you’re feeling pumped that you’re seeing your absolute favorite band live and in person. It’s like you’re about to jump right out of your skin with excitement. Time to rock out with your socks out and enjoy the show.