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10 snacks as emo as you are to amp up your next Netflix marathon

Snacks as dark as our soul.

August 14, 2020
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If you haven’t figured it out yet, we love the color black. We’re the type of people to have all-black wardrobes and fought with our parents in high school over painting our walls as dark as can be. Black matches our forever mood and the darkness of our soul, so we like it whenever our snacks can complement that energy (especially when binge-watching Netflix). 

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After doing a little research, we’ve rounded up 10 recipes for snacks as black as your emo soul to amp up your Netflix marathon. Because why eat boring old snacks when they can be from the dark side? Check those out below.

Black popcorn

halloween popcorn

[Photo via Culinary Ginger]

There are a few ways to make popcorn black, and you can easily just drizzle it in the darkest chocolate you can find and call it a day. This recipe from Culinary Ginger is meant for Halloween and features black-and-orange popcorn with pumpkin spice flavoring. If you want, you can leave it black or mix it up with a couple of colors based on the candy melts you can find at the store. No matter how you tweak it, it will definitely beat just a plain old bag of microwave popcorn. 

Black tacos



Instagram chef @ItsHolly is the queen of taking any meal you can think of and making it black, so there were plenty of options to choose from. These black tacos use activated charcoal in the tortillas for color, and while she went the extra step and filled them with black short ribs, you can put whatever meat, beans or vegetables you want inside. 

Black Rice Krispies Treats

black rice krispies

[Photo via Premeditated Leftovers]

Rice Krispies Treats are so easy to make, and it’s a great recipe to customize with whatever you’re craving. Basically, make Rice Krispies Treats any normal way (melting marshmallows and butter and mixing in the cereal until combined). However, add in crushed Oreos and whatever other mix-ins you feel like, such as freeze-dried strawberries, chocolate chunks, whole marshmallows, etc. 

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Black hummus 

black hummus

[Photo via Waves In The Kitchen]

There are tons of recipes online for black hummus. Whether they use black beans, olive paste or black garlic, they’re all dark AF. This recipe from Waves In The Kitchen uses black tahini, which is also just as delicious. 

Black bean chips

[Photo via This Healthy Kitchen]

This recipe is simple. With only a few ingredients, you can make a delicious, healthy and vegan treat in no time. These chips are great dipped into salsa, guacamole or maybe even some of that black hummus you made. 

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Dark chocolate-covered peanuts

peanut clusters

[Photo via Sweetest Menu]

A snack this simple doesn’t even need a recipe. Get your favorite kind of nuts, such as peanuts, almonds or cashews, and dip them in the darkest chocolate you can find. Let them cool on a tray and devour them all in one sitting. If you’re feeling fancy, sprinkle them with sea salt before they harden. 

Black sushi roll

black rice sushi

[Savor The Best]

Who doesn’t love eating sushi on the couch while watching TV? This recipe from Savor The Best uses black rice and ahi tuna for a devilishly delicious treat. If you’re nervous to roll sushi, you can always use the ingredients to make a sushi bowl instead. 

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Dirt pudding 

dirt cups

[Photo via Sugar Hero]

It’s probably been far too long since you’ve decided to randomly make yourself a giant bowl of dirt pudding. But it’s 2020, and the world is a mess, so just do it. This dish is basically layered chocolate pudding, Cool Whip and Oreos topped with gummy worms. It’s pretty perfect as is, but feel free to make your own whipped cream with activated charcoal mixed in to make this even darker. 

Black lemonade 

black lemonade

[Photo via Wonky Wonderful]

This drink is made for Instagram, and it’s a black AF way to enjoy the refreshing summer classic. Feel free to try this recipe with limes or other citrus fruits as well. 

Sweet and sour “bat” wings 

bat wings

[Photo via Sprinkles & Sprouts]

These wings from Sprinkles And Sprouts have taken Pinterest by storm, and for good reason—they look like actual bat wings. A little food coloring goes a long way, and you should definitely make these for other people to totally freak them out.

Written by Alex Darus