When they created Mortal Kombat characters of themselves

In “2nd Sucks,” 16-bit graphics are used to transform the five band members into goofy caricatures of themselves. In the video, they battle in significant venues and settings, successfully defeating some of the personified adversities they’ve faced throughout their careers, such as bullies, keyboard warriors who hated on the band and “pretentious music critics” who have a hilarious scarf attack.

When they publicly expressed their frustrations with their label in a song

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As most ADTR fans know, the band dealt with a lot of drama with the record label regarding an alleged contract breach. The case dragged on for quite a while, and “The Document Speaks For Itself” from their 2013 release Common Courtesy provided listeners with a raw, unfiltered version of how the ADTR team felt toward Victory Records at the time. The best part? The last seconds of the song include live audio of the boys as they were sending the label an email expressing their disappointment, freaking out about it and immediately laughing about it. In late 2016, we learned that after five years, the lawsuit concluded in favor of the band.

When they reminisced about their favorite memories themselves—and captured all the recordings on a song

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The Common Courtesy finale track, “I Remember,” is a nostalgic anthem in which the guys channel their fondest memories with A Day To Remember. The final five minutes of the track is just a heartwarming conversation between the band members, talking about their first time in New York, and their first time seeing snow, when they crashed their van into a bank and much more.

When the band’s consistent album artwork theme blew our minds

ADTR album covers

Each of A Day To Remember’s studio albums consist of a male character facing away from the viewer. That’s not to say that each one is a multilayered conceptual album, but we should wait to see what the band plans to do next. Is it the same character? We shall see. Talk about consistency, right?

When ADTR performed an Alkaline Trio song with Matt Skiba

In 2016, ADTR toured with blink-182 as their supporting act; and at their Chicago stop, Matt Skiba joined ADTR onstage for a special rendition of Alkaline Trio’s “Private Eye.”

When the boys were gifted with the keys to their hometown, Ocala, Florida

In March 2017, ADTR played a very special show in their hometown of Ocala, Florida. It was a truly significant moment in their careers, and even the mayor of the city attended. In fact, he granted the band the keys to the city!

When they put together their own hardcore festival

The Self Help Festival was founded in 2014 by the band themselves, who have headlined it alongside other punk and hardcore acts such as Rise Against, Falling In Reverse, Bring Me The Horizon, Of Mice & Men and many, many others. With rotating locations and dates, the festival has expanded to three dates in 2017. “We wanted the name to really sum up what the people who were coming to the festival felt about the music,” McKinnon says.

When Jeremy paid tribute to Chester Bennington at “Linkin Park & Friends Celebrate Life”

With the recent passing of the vocalist legend, Linkin Park put together a beautiful show that honored Linkin Park’s history and, specifically, Chester Bennington’s legacy. McKinnon joined Linkin Park onstage for a killer performance of “A Place For My Head” that would’ve made Bennington proud.

Here’s to another 15 years!

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You can pick up tickets for the 15 Years In The Making Tour on ADTR’s website.  

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