All Time Low might be known for their pop-punk jams and dick joke-heavy onstage banter, but the boys of Baltimore sure can write a ballad. We put together 10 of their best slow songs for the perfect emo hit parade. 

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10. “Too Much”

This electronic-influenced hit from 2009’s Nothing Personal reminds you to never “fight like tomorrow was promised.” 

9. “My Only One”

This tune from ATL’s fourth album Dirty Work is a love song with an extra dash of emo. 

8. “Oh, Calamity!” 

This bonus track came from the release of Don’t Panic: It’s Longer Now. We’re fine until Alex sings the lyric, “Keep forgetting to remember/Where we’ve been is who we are.” 

7. “A Daydream Away” 

With just an acoustic guitar and some blissful memories, ATL deliver a nostalgic tune that punches you in the gut.  

6. “Tidal Waves” 

C’mon, if you have Mark Hoppus on a song, it’s automatically awesome. Right? Right.