We might be a bit biased, but we think that music videos to come out of the alternative scene are the best ones out there. The year is only halfway over, and we’ve already seen a bunch of gems. Here are our 10 favorites. We can’t wait to see what videos the second half of the year has in store!

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1. New Found Glory — “Happy Being Miserable”

They’re back! This video is a great resurgence following their 2014 album Resurrection. Hands down, “Happy Being Miserable” is the strangest pick on our list. Inspired by a scene from the iconic 1986 film Stand By Me, the video features a bizarre pie eating contest and, um, colorful projectile vomiting? Anyway, we’re happy NFG have returned to being their weird pop-punk selves.

2. All Time Low — “Dirty Laundry”

ATL’s videos are usually pretty ridiculous. The band’s new album and the “Dirty Laundry” video have a darker vibe, proving they can do both silly and serious. At Good Times Laundromat, Alex Gaskarth has his clothes ripped off by some bullies and a bride, and is then re-dressed by an elderly couple and Jack Barakat. Aww!

3. Neck Deep —  “Happy Judgement Day”

This one will make you feel nostalgic for those movie days in school—except your class’ bad boy was probably not as talented as Ben Barlow. Uniformed students cut loose, dance and throw papers as the band turns the class snooze-fest into a banger. Sucks for the teacher left with the cleanup.

4. The Maine — “Bad Behavior”

If you’ve been with the Maine since the very beginning, you were probably consumed by an overwhelming sense of pride (accompanied by full-body goosebumps) while watching “Bad Behavior.” We see the massive crowds the band plays for and get a taste of what it’s like to party with the boys.

5. The All-American Rejects — “Sweat”

Finally, new material from AAR! This newness comes in the form of 11 glorious minutes of Tyson Ritter. The video’s a short film and double feature of sorts, featuring a video for “Sweat,” seamlessly transitioning into the second part of the video and another song, “Close Your Eyes.” We’ve gotta say, Tyson’s got some serious acting chops.