MELODY INN – Indianapolis, IN 

[Photo by: Melody Inn/Facebook]

Tucked away at 38th and Illinois streets and in the city’s Butler-Tarkington neighborhood, the Melody Inn is one of the oldest bars in Indianapolis. There is something for everyone including punk rock, metal, indie, pop, rockabilly and more.
Their Message: “From local bands playing their first show to national bands playing their thousandth show, the Melody Inn specializes in live, original music and high performance social lubricants.”

RED STAR – Tampa, FL

[Photo by: Red Star/Website]

Situated in the Seminole Heights neighborhood in Tampa, Red Star is always in discussion with creative minds in the neighborhood to bring the locals some really cool events such as tasty food trucks, fashion shows, international DJ flow events and local art markets. 
Their Message: “Live music, local and touring bands, strong pours, and daily debauchery: the CBGB of Tampa.”

THE ROCKWELL – Baltimore, MD

[Photo by: The Rockwell/Facebook

The Rockwell is a bar in the heart of Fells Point that offers Baltimore an experience it hasn't seen yet. It’s a modern rock tavern featuring a lively soundtrack with strikingly bold design, brought to you in part by All Time Low’s Jack Barakat. 
Their Message: “Anything goes, we are definitely a party bar and we like it that way! Having Jack Barakat as an owner, we couldn't imagine not being a crazy, party bar!”

SABBATIC – Milwaukee, WI 

[Photo by: Sabbatic/Website]

Sabbatic’s vision for their bar is a lot of comfort, but with a punk-rock edge to it. The atmosphere here isn’t fancy, more like a comfortable corner bar, with prices to match; you can get away from your problems, take a deep breath and have a beer over some Motown. 
Their Message: “Sabbatic is its own living, breathing entity.” 


[Photo by: The Silver Ballroom/Website]

The Silver Ballroom is a must for any fan of pinball and/or punk rock. Providing a friendly atmosphere for all since 2010, the bar has exceeded all expectations and continues to grow in popularity. Pinball machines range from the ‘80s through the newest Stern offerings. 
Their Message: “The only punk-rock/pinball bar in America. Bar top is over 400 flyers from punk shows in St. Louis over the last 30 years, like a punk history lesson!”

STIGMA – Orlando, FL

[Photo by: Stigma/Facebook]

At Stigma, you can get your first tattoo, take your first pole dance class and grab a cocktail all in the same place! It is undoubtedly the best and most original custom-only tattoo bar you'll find anywhere. A trip to the tattoo studio need never be boring again.
Their Message: “Pole dancers, booze and chicks with tattoos!” 

TATTOOED MOM – Philadelphia, PA 

[Photo by: Tattooed Mom/Website]

Tattooed Mom’s staff consists of beer-fueled punk rockers, geeks, cross dressers and flipper babies alike. It’s a relaxed hipster bar with food and drink specials, pool tables, plus toys and candy right on the bar. Also, the bumper car décor is to die for!
Their Message: “Love and good times, always.”

THE VORTEX – Atlanta, GA 

[Photo by: The Vortex/Facebook]

Running this bar is like hosting a neverending party. The Vortex does it because they love their loyal fans and the fans love them right back. When it comes right down to it, the Vortex is all about the love. It’s not hard to find—just look for the giant skull!
Their Message: “Like an orgy for your tastebuds.”