Pure Love – “Bury My Bones”

Between leaving Gallows and forming the Rattlesnakes, Frank Carter had a spell where he sounded really bloody happy. Carter and Jim Carroll (formerly of the Hope Conspiracy) formed a band called Pure Love in 2011, releasing their only album, Anthems, in 2013. “Bury My Bones” was the lead single, and it’s just so damn happy. “I’m so sick of singing about hate/It’s never gonna make a change,” Carter cries. He might be back to doing hardcore now, but his time with Pure Love is proof that Carter has a soft side.

Ramones – “Rockaway Beach”

A sunny classic from the first and best punk band to ever grace planet Earth. 

State Champs – “If I’m Lucky”

Derek DiScanio gets sentimental on this acoustic number from the Finer Things era, and if you want something a bit more chill on your summer playlist, this is the way to go. It’s also a song that provides proof (if ever it was needed) that the State Champs frontman is an absolute sweetheart.

Sum 41 – “In Too Deep”

“This one time, at band camp…” Remember when American Pie ruled the world? It was a time of bonkers hair and baggy clothes, and it was also an era when bands such as Sum 41 ruled the music scene. We miss you, early noughties.

Twin Atlantic – “Heart And Soul”

What. A. Chorus. This song shot Scottish rockers Twin Atlantic into superstardom and spawned scores of festival singalongs. A joyous song to soundtrack joyous times.

Waterparks – “Hawaii (Stay Awake)”

Waterparks always make us happy, and “Hawaii (Stay Awake)” is amongst their sunniest of posi tunes. The title of this song really makes us want to go on holiday. One ticket to Honolulu, please!

Weezer – “Feels Like Summer”

“Feels Like Summer” is the sound of a band doing things just the way they want, and boy does it sound like summer.

Yellowcard – “Ocean Avenue”

Yes, violins can be summery. Pop-punk legends Yellowcard proved that point with this classic from their seminal 2003 album of the same name. Another one that’s got us longing for the good old days…

Youth Club – “People”

“People” sees U.K. indie-pop gang Youth Club getting super chill, making this one to stick on when you’re kicking back to bask under the sun. The video also looks like it was super-fun to make, and features the cutest dog we’ve ever seen.

The 1975 – “The Sound”

Banger. Absolute banger. The 1975 get a lot of shade thrown their way, but in the video for the bangeriffic “The Sound” (did we mention it’s a banger?), they channel the hate into one giant “fuck you” to the naysayers. Never change, lads.