To some, 2008 may feel like it was just yesterday. However, the reality is that it was 10 years ago when neon pop punk was at the forefront, Katy Perry was an up-and-comer on Warped Tour and Sonny Moore was just on his way to becoming Skrillex. Head below for a recap on these moments and more.

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Escape The Fate played their first show with Craig Mabbitt and got heckled by Ronnie Radke

Ronnie Radke fronted Escape The Fate from the band’s inception in 2004 until 2008 when he was kicked out by the other members. ETF recruited Craig Mabbitt (who had recently parted ways with Blessthefall), and his first show was Las Vegas’ Extreme Thing in March 2008. Unfortunately for Mabbitt and co., a scorned Radke was there to heckle from the crowd. Having had enough with Radke’s actions, bassist Max Green declared, “This next song is called, ‘If I Could Stay Clean, I Could Stay With My Band’” to which Radke responded, “I can stay fucking clean, you dick!” Two months before this, Radke was sentenced to a 48-month probation for his role in a fight that ended with the death of one man in 2006. He also was ordered by the judge to enroll in rehab, but he failed to check in with his probation officer, which led to an intense chase. He was taken into U.S. Marshal custody in June 2008 and sentenced to 48 months in prison. Meanwhile, ETF entered the studio with producer John Feldmann to put out their first record sans Radke, This War Is Ours, in October 2008. The feud stayed heated as ETF continued to spout remarks from the stage, which Radke later referred to as the “lowest of lows” as they knew he couldn’t fully defend himself from behind bars (minus a few blog entries likely posted by friends visiting him in prison). Radke was released in December 2010 and put together Falling In Reverse. The feud eventually fizzled out, and in early 2014 the two bands embarked on the Bury The Hatchet tour.

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Punk Goes Crunk was released

Fearless Records’ Punk Goes… series has highlighted pop, metal, acoustic, ’80s, ’90s, classic rock and Christmas classics, but none of these are nearly as iconic as 2008’s Punk Goes Crunk. The comp gave us epic hip-hop covers that allowed us to hear such legendary lines as the Devil Wears Prada’s guttural “Gator boots with the pimped-out Gucci suits/Ain’t got no job, but I stay sharp” (“Still Fly”) and the Secret Handshake’s electro-tinged “I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller/I wish I had a girl who looked good, I would call her/I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat/And a six four Impala” (“I Wish”).

Bruno Mars photobombed Pete Wentz

In a meme that still holds strong nearly 10 years later, a pre-fame Bruno Mars (who was still two years away from releasing his debut full-length) was captured in mock shock at seeing Pete Wentz in the wild. In May 2017, Wentz talked to Buzzfeed about the photo, revealing he has never discussed it with Mars or Mars’ writing partner, Philip Lawrence, who is also in the shot. He did say, however, that Mars revealed in an interview that a photographer bumped him eliciting the reaction, which in turn “takes a little bit of the magic out of it.”

Yellowcard went on hiatus

Yellowcard wrapped an acoustic tour backed by the Spill Canvas, PlayRadioPlay! and Treaty Of Paris in April 2008. Following the tour’s conclusion, the pop-punk act announced an “indefinite hiatus,” citing the need for a break and the ability to “figure out [their] personal lives.” They reunited in August 2010, revealing that they signed to Hopeless Records. When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes; Southern Air and Ocean Avenue Acoustic were released through the label before they hopped over to Razor & Tie for 2014’s Lift A Sail. They returned to Hopeless in 2016 to release their self-titled final record, embarking on a farewell tour that same year. In preparing for the end of an era, frontman Ryan Key reflected on that 2008 hiatus, revealing in an interview for Spotify that they didn’t know if they would ever reunite: “We weren’t necessarily breaking up the band, we didn’t really know what was going to come next.”

A pre-Set It Off Cody Carson sang with All Time Low

Back in 2008, Cody Carson was an avid YouTube user creating vlogs and cover videos. One such video included a plea to All Time Low frontman Alex Gaskarth to allow him to perform “Coffee Shop Soundtrack” with the band at the Cleveland date of the 2008 AP Tour, which was near where he was attending college. In the video, Carson notes he hadn’t been able to perform for a crowd the size that ATL garners, explaining he’s been in bands before, but “it hasn’t quite worked out yet.” Gaskarth responded and allowed Carson to join the band onstage. Less than a month later, Carson announced the formation of Set It Off, and he has since cited that performance as the inspiration to drop out of school and chase his dream.

Alkaline Trio appeared on The Hills

MTV’s Laguna Beach spin-off The Hills was filming its third season around the same time Alkaline Trio were working on Agony & Irony, their first and only release through Epic Records. One of the show’s main characters, Audrina Patridge, was employed by Epic in turn, giving us one of the most awkward TV moments ever at the band’s expense as they rocked out to “In Vein.” Two years after the episode aired, Alkaline Trio frontman Matt Skiba told The Aquarian they received slack for doing the show. He defended the choice by explaining Patridge and her sister, Casey Loza, are fans with the latter even naming her daughter after one of their tracks (“Sadie”). Given that Patridge was employed by Epic, they didn’t see any harm in allowing her and the crew into the studio. Skiba explained they didn’t realize the magnitude of viewership the series garnered, but they still would have done it if no one watched the show because it was for someone who was a fan.