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Black Veil Brides recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of their first music video, and they’re still going strong. Their videos have evolved with their music through the years as they began to utilize green screen technology to tell stories with their visuals mirroring the lyrics sung by frontman Andy Biersack. 

To help you see that evolution, here’s a ranking of the band’s videos counted down to the best.

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11. “Perfect Weapon”

“Perfect Weapon” is one of BVB’s best tracks, but the music video just doesn’t do it justice. It’s only different shots of the band playing the song, and nothing is extremely exciting about it, unfortunately making it their weakest music video.

10. “Fallen Angels”

There wasn’t much of a difference between the video for “Fallen Angels” and “Perfect Weapon.” The asteroids were visually stimulating, and the use of green screen was a step up, but the video itself is still generic. 

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9. “The Legacy”

With a name such as “The Legacy,” one would hope that there would be something different going on in the video, but instead it’s just more of the same. The band are seen playing in a scrapyard surrounded by old car parts. The flame-blowing pipes also make the video look a bit cliché, but the burning logo at the end was a nice touch.

8. “Coffin”

This visual depicts the funeral of much-loved frontman Andy Biersack. Visitors are seen wearing masks trying to get a glimpse of the singer lying in his coffin. This is definitely one of the band’s darker videos, but they’ve begun to get more creative in their imagery as the band play in their own black, hazy rooms, with candles glowing in most of the shots. 

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7. “Heart Of Fire”

“Heart Of Fire” was the first single off the band’s fourth album and marks the beginning of a new era. With the war paint gone, they opted for less of their signature heavy makeup. BVB are seen performing on a stage surrounded by flames, making them the center of attention, but also letting the music speak for itself.

6. “In The End”

BVB look like they’re leading a movement during “In The End.” The video features shots of the band as they play in what looks like a desert, a church and an oil factory, alternating between them and their followers as they get ready to fight. 

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5. “Goodbye Agony”

A lot of symbolism was used in the video for “Goodbye Agony.” If it wasn’t clear before, BVB show in no uncertain terms that they are completely ready to move on and to grow. But just because they don’t look like they used to doesn’t mean they aren’t the same band. There’s still a part of the “old BVB” alive, a point made when a younger version of Biersack wakes up in his coffin. 

4. “When They Call My Name”

BVB give us a retrospective on their career with their music video for “When They Call My Name.” Full of nostalgia, clips of the band performing and greeting fans are overlaid on each other, but it’s not overwhelming. Altogether, the video is beautiful, colorful and visually satisfying.

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3. “Rebel Love Song”

 What more could you want from a track titled “Rebel Love Song?” The video depicts the adventures of two young lovers as they spend a day together until it takes a horrible turn. The band are seen playing in front of the movie theater the couple visited, telling their story through song. Two separate versions of the visual were released, with the director’s cut originally only made available as an iTunes exclusive. 

2. “Wake Up” 

Cinematography was on point for this music video. It has a film quality to it and went along to the lyrics of “Wake Up” perfectly. We see the struggle of a broken society: Civilians are under the mind control of the government, and what small resistance exists is about to be demolished. Though the video focuses more on the ongoing dystopia, there’s still several shots featuring the members rocking out.

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1. “Knives And Pens”

Being the debut video for the outfit, “Knives And Pens” is what started it all. They kept production to a minimum, playing in front of a blank backdrop and clad in either white or black clothing. Between shots, a narrative unfolds of a young boy being bullied in school with hurtful messages taped to his locker and even his brother pushing him around. With only a budget of $1,000, the end product was still impressive, making this video their strongest.

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