Boys Night Out are back in town with “Of Waves” (exclusive)

May 25, 2016
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Photo: James Heaslip

You may remember Boys Night Out as the Canadian post-hardcore poster boys of the '00s. We bid them farewell after 2007's self-titled, their third and final album, then heard from BNO briefly in 2009 for a Broken Bones And Bloody Kisses and Make Yourself Sick one-off show in Toronto. Alas, it seemed they had departed the scene for good, but rumblings in recent years have finally proven true. The boys are back in town and ready to pump out a new six-song EP, Black Dogs, coming July 8 on Good Fight Music.

BNO frontman Connor Lovat-Fraser was kind enough to preface our premiere of “Of Waves” with a pep talk:

“So… new Boys Night Out music, huh? Weird.

When we disbanded back in 2007/2008, none of us really knew when or if this day would come, but I'm fairly goddamn sure that we all hoped that it would. My stupid idiot brain could never have imagined that almost a decade would have to pass before a new song would make its freaky debut. 

'Obsequiarch,' also known as the song from the album trailer, was the song which managed to get Jeff, Ben, Dave and I writing as Boys Night Out again, but 'Of Waves' was the first of this new batch to come into its own—and that's why it makes sense that it would be the first song from Black Dogs to be released. We may not be touring again any time soon, but it's pretty fucking rad to have the opportunity to write music together again.”


Track Listing:
1) Of Waves
2) Carried Away
3) Obsequiarch
4) Dead Man Songs
5) Lust Phenomenon
6) Prayed All Wrong
Written by Brian Kraus