Brand New shook up the scene this week with the release of Science Fiction. In no time, fans were sharing photos of the album art, theories about the future of Brand New, and are now explaining some of the lyrics and possible callbacks in the album. Here are some of our favorites.

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“Lit Me Up”

Lyrics: “I don’t mind having all this going on inside of me”
What it means: papaheck on Genius points out thisperhaps [refers] to the raging of the Devil and God.”

“Can't Get It Out”

Lyrics: “I'm strumming with a heavy wrist/Were you one of the cured kids?/My shins burn for the replica youth/I hope that we can eject soon”
What it means: Genius user Iarsggg believes Jesse Lacey is playing his songs with reluctance, hence the “heavy wrist” lyric. “Jesse plays with Brand New these depressing and negative songs, and it may not feel completely right… Asking if the listener is one of the “cured kids” is asking if the songs did anything good for the listener, as sometimes they might also let one feel down. He hopes that he can stop soon playing as Brand New.”

Lyrics: “Because I don't want to surrender/Or lose your face in the crowd”
Callback: lizzzzzzbeth points out on Reddit this likely references “I'll never have to lose my baby in the crowd” from “Limousine (MS Rebridge)” on The Devil And God.


Lyrics: “Every night you were tripping out/In the morning you were coming down/If it's breaking your heart, if nothing is fun/Don't lose hope, my son/This is the last one”
What it means: User MattThorson thinks these lyrics are about more than just drugs. Every night he’s… facing the realities of the come down in the morning after the high has worn off. It’s become a routine and isn’t as fun as the initial highs anymore, so it’s weighing down on his heart and wants to find a way ‘To climb on up out of your grave.’ The narrator tells him to hang on because every time can be the last time.” Makes sense.

Lyrics: “Yeah, we feel so American laying in the road/Was a shoe-in for the crash of the day/And we're never going to walk away”
Callback: dmfserv on Reddit points out how the “American” lyric in “Waste” is likely a callback to “all-American” in “Limousine” on The Devil and God: “We found your man, he's drinking up, he's all-american/And he'll drive/He's volunteered with grace to end your life”

Lyrics: “Always begging for some grace when there's no time/We get no reply”
Callback: This reminds us of “Well I love you so much, but do me a favor baby, don't reply” from “Limousine (MS Rebridge)” on The Devil And God.

“Could Never Be Heaven”

Lyrics: “And all of the songs were about you/And all of the songs were about you/And all of the songs were about you”
Callback: “Jude Law And A Semester Abroad” in Your Favorite Weapon to the lyrics: “No more songs about you/After this one I am done.”

Lyrics: “I was drowning in the lake dammed” and “There were people I love below me singing”
Callback: On Reddit, user JackP6 points out these particular lyrics relate to the lyrics in “At The Bottom” on Daisy: “And there’s a lake/And at the bottom you’ll find all my friends”

Lyrics: “I’ve heard the outer darkness is really nice this time of year”
Callback: This is likely a reference to lyrics in “Sealed To Me,” Reddit user TheTruestblue1 points out: “You gonna cast me away into outer darkness/Cause I couldn't cover rent/To stay at God's apartment?”

“Same Logic/Teeth”

Lyrics: “And then you cracked your head, and broke some bones”
What it means: Genius user Leerkat thinks this lyric has something to do with Jesse Lacey’s many injuries. Just read what he wrote: Very tentative and maybe far-fetched but during 2003-2007, Jesse spent a lot of time in the hospital with broken legs and sprained ankles. A famous instance is when he apparently jumped from several stories during a laser tag game on the Brand New/Manchester Orchestra/Kevin Devine 2007 tour, or when he had to walk around on crutches for a whole leg of a tour in 2004. A tour in 2005(?) was also cancelled when he was hospitaliZed in an emergency… This could be a reference to these repeated injuries. Oftentimes self-harm isn’t just cutting.”

Lyrics: “At the bottom of the ocean fish won't judge you by your faults”
Callback: Reddit user wi-nter says this particular lyric “feels like such a direct reference to both ‘At The Bottom’ and ‘Luca.’” In ‘Luca,’ it could be a reference to this lyric: “And no one can save you now/Unless you have friends among fish/There’ll still be no air to breathe.”


Lyrics: “Let’s all go play Nagasaki/What a lovely way to die/To finally show where we all go/So no one has to say goodbye”
What it means: MattThorson’s back with another interpretation — this time regarding the “play Nagasaki” lyrics: “Playing Nagasaki means to play a game of nuclear war. Jesse is romanticizing the idea of life ending so quick that you’ll never have to deal with the trouble of saying goodbye, while simultaneously finally finding out what really comes at the end.”