“Out of Mana”

Lyrics: “Don’t run out of mana/Or we’ll back down/I want you to know/If you feel ready to go/I can read the rest to myself/Hell is digital/You've smashed to smithereens”
What it means: According to Genius user JoshuaJudah this one has to be either WoW-related or about Gauntlet II: “This song is about Jesse playing a healer class in World Of Warcraft during the Firelands raid. He knows he can’t run out of mana (oom) and he is ready. Jesse does a /readycheck as he thinks about all the YouTube videos he’s watched of the encounter, aka Gym Time. He takes the knowledge he thinks is relevant to his raid group and reads the rest on wowhead. They enter the raid (hell is digital) and destroy the first boss (you’ve smashed to smithereens). Either that, or it’s about Gauntlet II on NES.”

In the Water

Lyrics: “Can’t fake it enough/I don’t want it enough/So everyone’ll wait”
What it means: Agree, Leerkat. Listening to this for the first time, you immediately think this is about the making of Science Fiction: “It was apparently scrapped many times and Jesse suffered from heavy writer’s block and reception anxiety. The idea of just churning out a record people wanted to hear must have been tempting, especially as people started to get impatient, but it wouldn’t have been sincere. Besides, the pressure and stress of releasing a new album and going through its cycle just as he was settling down must not have sounded very attractive. There’s something like self-disgust in this ‘everyone’ll wait,’ a resignation to the fact he cannot produce the material he’s expected to, and that he’s letting everyone down.”

Lyrics: “And we sing this morning that wonderful and grand ol' message/And I don't know about you but I never get tired of it/Seven years (x7)”
Callback: This is a direct callback to “Daisy” on Daisy: “And we sing this morning/That wonderful and grand old message/I don't know about you but I never get tired of it/Number 99: Just As I Am”


Lyric: “God is love”
What it means: A short lyric, but a heavy interpretation from user foxyboxing. Take it away: “This line is included for irony, since the majority of the song here shows that a love of God and religion is leaving the writer with hate in their heart and fear of their neighbor. God is love alright, as long as you’re meet the criteria to be loved.”

No Control

Lyrics: “Holding the mic to this pillar of salt”
What it means: “This is a reference to Lot’s wife in the Bible, who became a pillar of salt when she looked back at burning Sodom despite the angel’s specific order,” says Leerkat.


Lyrics: “Deader than a Donner daughter”
What it means: This is probably obvious to most, if not all, of you: a reference to the Donner Party. “This is a reference to the daughters of George Donner, a pioneer who was the leader of a 1846 wagon train that was stranded in the Sierra Nevada mountains during the winter of 1847. The party is rumored to have engaged in cannibalism to survive,” says jamesosanchez.

Batter Up

Lyrics: “That was the one right there/That's what we were waiting for”
Callback: At the very end of the song, Reddit user dbackmaniac deciphered it as: “That was the one right there/That's what we were waiting for.” This seems to be a callback to “Untitled 8”: “What you waiting for/Searching for your brother/In an empty room across the hall/Is he coming back?/Listening at night/Waiting for a sound to come up the stairs/Listening at night/Waiting for the sound of the car park”