PHOTO: Tim Harmon

THE MAINE (who are appearing on this spring’s Bamboozle) guitarist JARED MONACO tells us what was going on during their photo shoot for the Most Anticipated Albums of 2010 issue.

“After hearing we made the list of AP’s Most Anticipated Albums of 2010, we couldn’t wait to take some new photos. For the vibe, we just wanted something laid back, but the photo shoot turned out to be anything but relaxing. Our good friend, Tim Harmon, was the man behind the lens, and the location was inside a Sushi restaurant tucked away in a strip mall. I can still hear the owner’s voice in my head when we walked in, saying, ‘Just watch your head on our lights because they hang low over the tables.’ Long story short, I forgot, stood up too fast and knocked a light out of its socket in the ceiling. Awkwardness ensued. We couldn’t fix it, and we only had about 20 minutes before the restaurant opened, so we worked with what we had–which was a broken light fixture. That’s why Garrett [Nickelsen, bass] is holding it up in the photo. All we could do was laugh. I guess after all the madness, we realized that the photo that was chosen shows our personalities in a natural state. We also learned not to let me near anything expensive anymore.” —Jared Monaco