Canada is known to many plainly as “America’s Hat,” but what you Southerners might not realize is that this big, burly, beautiful landmass of a country is a pretty dang chill place to live. Of course, we’ve got free healthcare, a hot prime minister, pretty loose weed laws, gorgeous scenery, kind people, and unforgiving weather. Those factors combine to make an unlikely incubator, perfect for churning out some wicked tunes.

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Give your senses a taste of the Great White North with these killer unsigned bands.


Four gnarly dudes from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Dangercat have been a mainstay in the Canadian punk landscape since 2010.


Rockin’ from the country’s capital, Bearings are the next big thing in pop punk.

New Love

This Hamilton-based rock group are quickly feeding an eager fanbase with catchy rock ’n’ roll hooks.

Calling All Captains

Edmonton’s finest Calling All Captains are heading out to the U.K. for the first time on their own DIY tour. If that’s not chasing your dreams down and nailing them to the soles of your shoes, I don’t know what is.

Swim Team

Surf emo/chill rock from Ottawa  — need I say more?


Parkside: Oakville pop punk with enough heart to satisfy an organ donation waiting list.