Casey Bolles is set to launch a three track EP called Manhattan via Pure Noise Records on Jan. 22. The new release will feature covers from the 1975, the Mountain Goats and the Postal Service.

“This EP sounds different from anything I've done before and from what I plan to do, so I hope people enjoy this departure from my original music,” says Bolles of the upcoming release.

Bolles is teaming up with AltPress to premiere the first track off the EP, a cover of “Chocolate” by the 1975. 

“I had never really listened to the 1975 before,” he says, “but I came across a video of the 1975 playing an acoustic version of 'Chocolate' and decided I would try a different take on the song, partially inspired by the songs off Seahaven's Reverie Lagoon.”

Listen below, and be sure to leave us a comment with your thoughts!