16. The title All Ages does not refer to the series’ intended audience.

17. It refers to admittance to punk shows.
Way says he wants to capture what it was like to go to punk shows when he was in high school, when it was still dangerous andbefore punk was marketed to the masses.

18. The series takes place in a run-down part of town.
Way described the series as “one of the most authentic things [he] can write” as it takes place in a music scene much like the one MCR came from in Newark, New Jersey.

19. It might give you that Holden Caulfield feeling.

The series is set to be about escape, the creation and destruction of relationships and how musiccan give you a place to belong. When asked by a fan if it would be like the original Killjoys concept (of a guy who “just wanted his Ramones records back”), Way said, “a lot more slice-of-life than that, and little to no science fiction. Think Love And Rockets, but different, and with cats.”

20. Way hasn’t decided on an artist for the series yet, and he wants your suggestions: 

21. He’s considering working with an artist he has never worked with before. (Sorry Becky Cloonan, James Jean and Gabriel Bá.) He has a shortlist of six or seven, according to PopCultureHound's podcast.
Keep in mind: He’s just looking for early feedback from fans, not ideas. (He has plenty of those.)

22. The series could potentially kick off with a free web comic.

23. It will be a limited series.
Way has said on Twitter that he has enough material for six to 12 issues, and mentioned on the podcast that he would potentially have enough material for 10 issues at the moment with his intended pacing for the series (giving it more breathing room, less constant action on every page.)

24. Still, the impending Umbrella Academy series comes first (finally!)