6. Orgy

When: S3 E18: “Sin Francisco”

This Charmed episode about the seven deadly sins is definitely one of the show’s best. When Prue, Piper and Phoebe contact the sins Pride, Gluttony and Lust, respectively, it’s none other than the Los Angeles band Orgy who pay a visit to P3. The aptly named industrial band play “Opticon” to end the episode.  

7. Barenaked Ladies

When: S3 E1: “The Honeymoon’s Over”

At the end of this episode, Phoebe approaches Piper at the bar in P3 and asks, “You’ve been gone for two days and you get the Barenaked Ladies? How?” It seems as though the writers and producers of the show were so impressed with themselves that they wrote it into the script. Getting Barenaked Ladies to play their huge single “Pinch Me” was definitely an accomplishment.

8. The Flaming Lips

When: S5 E9: “Sam I Am”

The musical guests were all over the map in terms of genre. This soft rock/indie outfit are a great example of the musical variety the show had to offer. These days, no one would think that a bangin’ nightclub would have a live band playing, let alone one as calming as the Flaming Lips, who performed their melancholy song, “Do You Realize?”

9. Ziggy Marley

When: S6 E14: “The Legend Of Sleepy Halliwell”

Yes, Marley as in the Marley. Ziggy, reggae legend Bob Marley’s eldest son, is a musician in his own right, getting massive acclaim with the poignant single “Tomorrow People” in 1988. He and his band have won eight Grammys—more than Pat Benatar. He performed the bouncy tune “Rainbow In The Sky” for this episode.

10. Liz Phair

When: S8 E8: “Battle Of The Hexes”

Although Liz Phair’s career started as an indie-rock darling with the highly acclaimed Matador Records release Exile To Guyville in 1993, most people know her best for her Top 40 song “Why Can’t I?” from 2003. Instead of playing that single, however, Phair performed “Somebody’s Miracle” during the final season of Charmed in 2005.

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