charming liars
[Photo via YouTube]

Charming Liars are teaming up with AP to premiere the latest installation of their three-part music video series, “Time To Start.”

Shot in New Orleans, the video bridges the gap between their two previously released singles, “Like A Drug” and “Insomnia,” both from the upcoming album Thought, Flesh And Bone.

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Vocalist Kiliyan Maguire says that aside from ushering in their upcoming album, the new release connects the previous two. It also sends a message about the past returning to haunt you.

“At its root, ‘Time To Start’ grows from the same strange water that feeds any new beginning,” Maguire says. “It’s a highway ghost story about the phantoms that follow when you refuse to bury your past or your past self.”

The dark video documents the aftermath of a bloody murder, following a couple caught up in a deal gone wrong,

All three videos have held serious themes. “Like A Drug” tackles the dangers of drug abuse and “Insomnia” details domestic violence and dependency.

The three videos come together as one short film, Spoon, which has already been submitted to multiple film festivals, including Sundance 2019.

The band include hotline numbers with each video, urging viewers to seek help if they or someone they know are struggling with the issues highlighted in Spoon.

The video contains graphic content related to the topics at hand with violence and censored nudity.

Despite the out-of-order release schedule, “Time To Start” serves as the second part of the trilogy. It began with “Like A Drug” and ended with “Insomnia.”

All of the tracks will appear on Thought, Flesh And Bone, which drops March 1 with preorders available here.

You can catch the band live at The Peppermint Club in West Hollywood Feb. 27, and tickets are available here.