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There's fan art—and then there's this!

Madelyn Jaye, a 17-year-old from Seattle, is a huge pop punk fan, and uses her own face as an outlet for her creativity. We chatted with her to find out more about her love for makeup and music.

Jaye recreates album covers through eye makeup, and her attention to detail is stunning. She's been doing makeup for about eight years: “I started out just doing my mom's makeup for fun and realized I had a natural talent for it, so I continued to practice on my mom and myself. I just started really pursuing makeup earlier this year, though!” 

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Jaye has created renditions of album covers from the likes of the Story So Far, the Maine and her favorite band, the Wonder Years, who inspired her Twitter handle, @twymadelyn. “Some of my favorite bands are obviously the Wonder Years but other than them I love Homesafe, Grayscale, and Life Lessons—but I love all the bands I do makeup looks for,” she says.

Here's some of our favorite work she's done:


Her personal favorite look she's created is inspired by Sorority Noise's 2015 album Joy, Departed. Check it out below!


Clearly, Jaye has the chops—but does she want to pursue makeup as a career in the future?

“I have no idea! Well, I know I want to have a creative job, I'm just not sure if being a makeup artist is perfect for me…I would love to work in the music industry but I'm not exactly sure of a specific career I would want to go into,” she says. With these skills, we're sure she's cut out for a creative job in any field.

Check out a portfolio of all the album-inspired makeup looks she's posted below! What album would you want to see Jaye try out? Let us know in the comments.


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