Chicago has always been one of the best scenes for pop punk—and newcomers Sleep On It are further proof that this city keeps churning out incredible bands.

In this new video, the boys—vocalist Zech Pluister, guitarists TJ Horansky and Jake Marquis, bassist AJ Khah and drummer Luka Fischman—all vy for the affections of a girl, with mixed results.

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When asked what inspired the fun-loving antics, Pluister says, “It just seems to us that most bands have been either making very vague videos where you don't know what's happening, or they're incredibly serious. Both of these are fine, but we grew up watching Blink-182, Fall Out Boy and All Time Low videos, and they were all hilarious. So we decided not to take ourselves too seriously and have some fun.” He went on to say, “The song itself is about an on again/off again relationship, so we knew there would have to be some kind of love interest but we didn't want to just do the stereotypical lovey music video. So we took what ideas we had, put a little twist on it, put Luka in a hot dog costume and boom! We made a video.”

In addition to the hot dog costume, the video features a cameo from one of the member’s actual dogs. Zero, the adorable-yet-rugged companion to Khah, has also been in their video for “Burning At Both Ends.” As Khah says, “She's my best friend and I always try to incorporate her in our music videos somehow. I know it's selfish to have my dog in a ton of our videos, but no one seems to mind.”

Over here at AP, we definitely don’t. Sleep On It’s debut EP, Lost Along The Way, is out Friday on Equal Vision Records. You can preorder it here

Check out the video below and let us know what you think of Zero Sleep On It in the comments!