christie front drive
[Photo by: Paul Drake]

Christie Front Drive have made a few brief returns to the stage since their breakup in 1997. Now, the band are teaming up with AP to share footage of one of those live sets.

One of the many emo acts dominating the scene in the ’90s, the video shows an intimate acoustic show at Magic Bullet in January 2010.

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The set was one of the band’s few reunion shows over the years, previously performing in Denver (2007), New York City (2011) and Montreal (2014). In the video, the band perform “Turn” off First LP, their 1994 record which is set to be reissued this Friday.

Vocalist/guitarist Eric Richter didn’t recall the concert at first, but did remember the events leading up to the show.

“Truthfully, I had almost forgotten about that acoustic set Kerry [McDonald, bassist/vocalist] and I did,” Richter says. “I do remember the two of us practicing a lot at his apartment in NYC and trying to figure out some way to pull off the songs without Jason [Begin, guitarist/vocalist] and Ron [Marschall, drummer]. We had to listen to the recordings numerous times to figure out arrangements.”

christie front drive 2
[Photo by: Paul Drake]

The acoustic set wasn’t initially meant to be so intimate, with an act of God cutting their expected audience.

“Unfortunately, on the day of the show, they had a record-breaking snow in Virginia. A lot of people that were planning on going couldn’t make it,” Richter continues. “We ended up playing to a few friends and whoever lived in town that could walk to the show. The one thing that really sticks in my mind is how much I enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with Kerry and make a little noise with him again.”

The band must have heard our plea to return several years back, issuing a reprint of their debut album on vinyl, featuring remastered versions of all six original songs.

First LP is available to stream via Spotify and Bandcamp. Several variants of the reissue will be available beginning Friday. A white pressing will be available via Dark Operative Records and a red pressing will be available via Revelation Records.

Check out Christie Front Drive performing “Turn” below.

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