Closing Songs

10 classic songs you can always expect to close a band’s set

Everyone knows that one classic song. Once you hear the opening cords, you immediately know this is the beginning of the end.

September 17, 2018
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New Found Glory – “My Friends Over You”

While the lyrics can be misconstrued as a bit adolescent, “My Friends Over You” is actually a pop-punk classic about relationships and now serves as a nostalgic anthem about growing up. The song has surprising longevity, making it something you’re looking forward to every time you go to a New Found Glory show.

Rise Against – “Swing Life Away

Recorded in their gritty hometown of Chicago, the poignant video for “Swing Life Away” shows Rise Against as a band who treasure their roots. Known for their loud live performances, Rise Against end their shows on a reflective note, illustrating another side to this dynamic, political band. This is a song about embracing love as well as getting through the rigors of life, and thanks to Rise Against, we have a song to help us do that.

Senses Fail – “Bite To Break Skin

While their sound has evolved quite a bit over the years, “Bite To Break Skin” is a quintessential Senses Fail song. The track features soaring guitar riffs, hard and soft vocals as well as Buddy Nielsen’s gushing, heart-on-his-sleeve lyrics. Over the years, Senses Fail have recorded many classics, but this closer seems to take the crowd back to a place no other song can.

blink-182 – “Dammit

Probably one of the most classic of closers, “Dammit” goes all the way back to blink-182’s second album. The catchy chorus are the perfect words to be shouted, making this song a sing-along moment for any blink-182 show.

Pennywise – “Bro Hymn

The opening riffs of “Bro Hymn” are the beginning of the end for Pennywise’s live show. This classic song is actually a touching tribute to close friends lost over the years, achieving almost mythological status since it was first recorded in 1991. Once the signature bassline starts, the mass clapping begins, and soon the classic whoas fill the entire space. The closing song is so iconic, it even ended the final, full cross-country run of the Vans Warped Tour.

Written by Gen Handley