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Halloween is a sacred time for many, but especially fans of emo, punk and rock. Black is the color of the season, skulls adorn every location and fake blood is socially acceptable to wear in public. Our favorite fall holiday brings vampires, ghosts, ghouls and unfortunately, memes that are as dead as our favorite scary movie characters. Here are 12 that return every year without fail.

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Dwight Schrute rocking this sweet pumpkin head, which we see every year.
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This spooky meteorologist who knows exactly what time it is.
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David Pumpkins… ANY QUESTIONS?


The iconic Mean Girls costume with little effort.


The Wednesday Addams we all aspire to be, but see too much of on our timeline.

This picture of Marilyn Manson being bitter about Christmas approaching.
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Lisa Simpson getting a cup of spook just in time for the season.