All Time Low with Mayday Parade and the Maine (2008)

After releasing So Wrong, It’s Right, All Time Low embarked on a tour with Mayday Parade and the Maine. While All Time Low were gaining traction with “Dear Maria, Count Me In,” Mayday Parade and the Maine would go on to become Vans Warped Tour staples with their own classic songs such as “Jamie All Over” and “Girls Do What They Want.” Today, these three bands are basically a must for anyone needing an Intro To Pop Punk 101 lesson.

No Doubt with Paramore (2009)

We might have grown up with Paramore from All We Know Is Falling to After Laughter, but a different generation of punk and alternative kids grew up with No Doubt as the female-fronted power pop-rock band of their era. It seems natural that these two bands would unite on No Doubt’s 2009 Summer Tour. Even though Paramore were only on the tour for a brief time, the union lead by badass females onstage was iconic.

A Day To Remember and Bring Me The Horizon with We Came As Romans and Pierce The Veil (2011)

While maybe a bit on the hardcore side, these four bands uniting for one tour was still enough to break our hearts and possibly our bank accounts. Titled The Gamechangers tour, instead of having baby bands open for them, Bring Me The Horizon and A Day To Remember (who have deemed themselves the “heaviest pop-punk band ever”) went all out and invited We Came As Romans and Pierce The Veil, who by 2011 had massive followings in their own right.

Yellowcard with the Wonder Years (2012)

Yellowcard (RIP) were considered a great melodic pop-punk band. With the violin, they stood out from other bands in the genre and made a real name for themselves. Another band who mixed softer sounds into their personal brand of pop-punk were the Wonder Years. With their standout brand of pop punk, seeing these two bands together should be considered an iconic event. And no, we’re still not over Yellowcard.

Fall Out Boy with Panic! At The Disco and twenty one pilots (2013)

Before Panic! At The Disco and twenty one pilots were selling out venues left and right, they toured with Fall Out Boy on their comeback Save Rock And Roll tour. TOP had just released Vessel, and Panic! were out in support of Too Weird To Live, Too Young To Die. Just five years later, all three of these bands dominate the charts. No doubt that this was the show pop-punk fans didn’t even know they needed until it was too late.  

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