U.K. metal band Climates are teaming up with AP to bring you the full stream of their new album, Body Clocks, which came out this past October. Listen to it in full below, and let us know your thoughts. 

The band recently parted ways with their vocalist, Wes Thompson, and released a lengthy statement on the matter, saying, “This was one of the hardest decisions we have ever had to make.” You can read their full statement below as well.

If you missed it, watch the band's lyric video for “Serpents From The Shadowland,” which premiered on AltPress.

Read the band's statement:
“As you all know by now, we recently parted ways with our vocalist, Wes Thompson. 
This was one of the hardest decisions we have ever had to make as a band and as individuals, but it was not made without a LOT of thought, consideration and discussion. It was not a decision that we made off-hand and callously, and it was not even something we wanted to talk about openly so soon as we were hoping for a little time to heal and figure things out. But, with Wes making his feelings so public this past week, we’ve been left with little option but to let you all know our perspective.

The truth of the matter is, we as a band have become increasingly unhappy with Wes’ contribution to Climates, not only as a vocalist and frontman but also in terms of attitude and outlook. 

In terms of performance, we have been asking him for the best part of this year to improve his abilities as a live vocalist; we even used band funds to pay for vocal lessons for him, but it made very little difference. 

Wes was the driving force behind bringing more vocal melody into the Climates sound, and yet he seemed resistant to improving his abilities so that he could actually perform his parts live to a suitable standard, which is not something we really understood as musicians. The four of us all work hard to be the best musicians we can be, and we regularly rehearse our instruments, both separately and together, but Wes did not appear to share this dedication to his instrument. 
We raised these concerns with him on multiple occasions, and yet he showed us very little in the way of effort and improvement – it seemed as though he already felt he was good enough, and what we thought didn’t really matter

In terms of attitude, Wes seemed to be on a very different page to us; he was often a very negative and pessimistic person, who was unhappy with what Climates was achieving. He would regularly draw comparison between us and our more successful peers, and vent his frustration that we are still a band with a long road ahead of us. 
It was also becoming increasingly apparent that we did not share the same musical vision for Climates; Wes wanted us to move in a more melodic rock direction and become a band in the vein of Mallory Knox, which is not a desire that we shared. 

Wes did not write any of our music. His contribution was lyrics and vocal parts (although Sam wrote about 50% of those), and we do not wish to take away from the elements that he did bring to our songs, we all remain proud of the recordings we made together over the past two years. 
However, by the same token, there is a lot more to this band than just vocals, and regardless of who originally formed the band, Climates is just that – a band. Climates is not a solo project, and it does not exist today because of one single person.

We understand that many of you are shocked at this turn of events, but we hope that you can understand our perspective, stand by us through this time of transition and keep an open mind as to what the future holds for our band. Climates is very important to us, and we have all worked very hard on it these past few years – too hard to let is fall apart due to differences with one member. 

All that being said, we wish Wes all the very best for his future endeavours, and thank him for the good times over the past few years. 

Thank you for reading, we hope to see you all very soon.

Sam, Matt, Chris & Max”