6. Nelson playing his beloved Fender P Bass
dreamers, tour diary

Back in December 2015, our van was broken into by thieves in Columbus, Ohio. Amongst the stolen equipment was Nelson’s custom bass—one of his prized possessions. There wasn’t much hope of seeing it again. Nearly two years later, Columbus police called and said they found the bass. This was one of the first tours Nelson could bring his bass on since they were reunited.

7. Sitting backstage before our opening set for Weezer
dreamers, tour diary

In May, we played two supporting shows for Weezer. Before the first show, Rivers [Cuomo] stopped by our dressing room to say hi and talk about today’s alt music. It was humbling to be treated as an equal by a legendary rock star who we all grew up listening to.

8. Florida vacation, Jacob Lee Wick in the pool
dreamers, tour diary

We’ve been on the road almost nonstop since February this year and there’s not much time for rest. Even when there’s time off at home in LA, it’s used to write new music. In between our fly dates, we had a rare few days off to relax in Florida. We rented a house in a quiet neighborhood that came complete with a pool to float in and nice kitchen that we used to cook up feasts every night.

9. The crowds at Free Press Summer Fest and Bunbury
dreamers, tour diary

At the end of May and beginning of June, we played a string of festivals that took place in all corners of the country. After playing one set, we’d have to catch a red eye to the next city. As we were trying to leave FPSF in Houston, it started pouring and our rental van was trapped in between fencing and another vehicle. Staff were preoccupied dealing with the rain and couldn’t help us; so Nick broke open the fencing by hand, and we sped off to the airport all before the festival was evacuated.

10. Minutes before hitting the stage in Minneapolis
dreamers, tour diary

So much time is spent traveling to gigs by driving or flying. We rush to make load-in, then sit around doing nothing before the show starts. Sometimes one of us has a bad day or we’re stressed out or exhausted. Then it’s time to play a set and all those issues stop existing. We hug it out and take the stage and share our music with all the people who’ve come to also forget about their problems.

Give their new music video a watch now! On the video, Nick Wold says it takes place in an LA dreamscape—and is all about how we keep going back to things that just hurt so good.

“The 'Painkiller' video, Directed by the amazing Nic Collins, is set in some kind of freaky Los Angeles dreamscape. Bloodied and bruised, I try to find the one person who can kill my pain, even if she might be the very one who caused it. It's about how we sometimes keep going back to the things that hurt us, when they just happen to hurt so good.”

Plus, the band will be headed out on tour with the Maine this fall. Get your tickets here!

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